Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Jack Update: In One Year's Time

I'm trying the best to give myself a time cap. A limit.
Maybe, installing a time cap will place enough pressure under me to get some things moving. I'm starting to realize that I'm too distracted.
Just....too damn distracted by things that as much as they shouldn't matter generally, of course they matter to me and it's not helping me further anything. That's the problem that I need to see. IF I actually got it through my lovesick skull that I'm chasing and getting distracted by things that aren't adding more money to my pocket or getting SFLN or Dulce de Cocoa off the ground and providing exposure to garner more money then...I shouldn't be really chasing after those things.
At least, not right now...
The focus has to be adjusted to doing something brand new...it has to be adjusted and stay fixed.

The issue with me is that, I'm not keeping the focus fixed. I had to vent out so many of my frustrations in Red Kool-Aid because that's exactly what I feel like is going on in my life every minute of the day. The man I want, I can't have. The men I don't want, are roaches and want me. I want to be the girlfriend/wife and people think I'm mistress material. And in all of this, is the frustration that I just love, love and I'm so far away from having any piece or part of it.
Unfortunate as that is, I have to truly dig my heels in and remind myself that this is what its going to have to be for awhile. Not forever....just awhile.

I need money...and I need my career to take off. I need a new car as I'm now officially car-less, and I need an apartment, preferably in Nassau county. These are not things I want, these are things that at 23 years of age I officially need. I need to fucking get my act together. Chasing after the man that I do want, who he's chasing after mainly 3 of "X"amount of women IS NOT going to put money in my pocket, my own apartment in front of me that I'm really, really dying for, nor get my boutiques off the ground, nor put the Pontiac G6 that I need to get around in in front of me either.
Trying to fend off the roaches that assume I'm mistress material or that are not worth my time in general but insist on stalking after me, isn't going to make these things come to fruition for me. I really have to take the sound advice that Joshen has already stated "When you focus your ambition like a laser you can make actual physical tears in your reality." Followed by the advice he gave me directly..."Instead of being the Kool aid that attracts the roaches, become that 200 watt bulb that once on makes all the roaches in the room scatter".
In applying these things, I need to truly alter my reality.

When you look at it, both Drake and Kerin Rose, two people that I admire greatly TRULY altered their reality in approximately ONE year. Drake went from being teased by mainstream folks as the "mulatto" kid from the 'Degrassi TV show' to a MIXTAPE garnering him two Grammy nominations. Not an album...a MIXTAPE.
Kerin Rose, went from living in Long Island very much like myself, making her own sunglasses with a bedazzler gun to having those very same sunglasses being photographed constantly on Rihanna and now living in Manhattan and boutiques begging her to carry her sunglasses.
In One Year's Time.

With the year ending, a horrific year at that, it's truly time to redirect and fixate the focus. I truly, truly hope in one year's time I can say the same success stories about myself. I know what I want point B to be, I just am still stuck at point A.

Not forever...just for awhile.

Enjoy your times of turmoil, if you make it through you will realize that those days are the ones that lead to your day of glory. During your darkest hour, with your most dire wounds, your only choices are to heal or die."-Joshen

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Joshen Reborn said...

You got it! You are on point, this is that defining moment, that leads to the future you want. I will keep reading, and writing, and I expect you to do the same. If you ever want to put a face to my words, send me your email and I'll send you my Myspace or Facebook.

I look forward to looking down from the top with you!