Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jesikah Maximus Update: Jamaica Photos!

My baby is back...

The rest of Jesikah in Jamaica under the hood..


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Asia Nitollano Update: KING MAGAZINE ITS TRUE!


The love of my SOUL is really doing KING!!! I'll be buying 346,801 copies...
And she's signed to Murder Inc?? Oh shit, Ashanti..peace out...
Peep the video:

Katy Perry Update: Blender Magazine November 2008

Katy Perry does the November issue of Blender magazine
I <3> Katy...
One more underneath!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mama Said Knock You Out:: Uruguay Referee

Watch the slow-motion of this dude getting punched out...
Poor ref :( he's very..petite against this 7 foot tall dude who pimp slapped him.
..His swag was more than jacked...

Happy Belated Birthday, New Jack

I totally had the date incorrect! I missed my one year birthday! The New Jack is officially one-year old, as of October 17th! I had the date in my head as October 28th, the date that I started my visitor stats...

Finally at a year old, I've been able to write an "about" because it took a year of soul searching, drama, jail, and other trouble for me to find out what I'm really about.
This time LAST year, I was writing about community service in Blue October Waste..telling you my severe finance woes, in An Expense Report and detailing the beginning of some downward depression in Cookie Crumbles. The Significant and I definitely went through the ringer, but a year later we're blissfully happy, and right this minute I really couldn't picture myself with anyoen else. I wrote a letter to my BFF, reminding her that Significant or not, she'll always be the love of my life. Battles with the parentals and a zillion failed job interviews. My first car. My first job after college. A lot of firsts, a lot of failures, but some good successes. 2008 was a nice turn around for The New Jack.

I taught myself the HTML when no one opted to help me...I pretty much taught myself everything when I got empty promises of help that never came through. A year ago, I didn't even have a photo up and the blog wasn't worth anything..a year later? I have photos, banners I made myself, HTML all done by myself and now my blog is actually worthy of being hacked for hundreds of dollars per MONTH. My TIME, my nights up late trying to learn, trying to fix things and my real life tears actually paid off to be something I'm extremely proud of.

So though the journey is far from over, here's to one candle out on the cake...
Or, I could just come out of it Marylin-style

....Happy Birthday, Mrs. President.

This IS what The New Jack about:
" "This here's a classic, just like a pair of Reeboks"-Yung Joc

"..with the spirit of a hustler, and the swagger of a college kid.."- T.I.

Cultural, personal theory-filled, snark, Shakespearean and musical, The New Jack is a compliation blog of all the new happenings in LIFE, art, MUSIC, LOVE, pop-culture, celebrities and most importantly, a real-life twenty-something, The New Jack, herself.

In October of 2007, The New Jack was founded by author Deidre Henry, graduate of SUNY College at Oneonta. Fresh out of college, fresh into trouble and unemployed, while not having a job, the author created her own. It was while in desperate search for a job within the Record Industry, she discovered how to turn her passion as a songwriter into writing about her own life as well as the masses. "I realized that after thinking I knew everything after college, that absolutely everything was new to me...From Kingston, Jamaica to Brooklyn and to Long Island, no matter what I'm always 'The New Jack' on the block".

Truly coming about in the understanding that, "You can pay for school, but you can't buy class"(Jay-Z), The New Jack is expanding her horizons as well as yours one entry post at a time. So on that note, "Let's get these teen hearts beating; Faster, faster!"(Panic! At the Disco). Shall We? "
To read more of The New Jack About, including press, advertising and contact, click here.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kim Kardashian Update: Oh, The Sweetest Thing

Isn't this ADORABLE...
Anyone who doesn't, regardless of their hatred for Kim Kardashian because I love her, you don't have a heart...

Here is Kim Kardashian at age 4, as Minnie Mouse at Halloween:

Halloween in 7 days :)

Christina Aguilera Update: New Album November 2008

Christina Aguilera's greatest hits album hits stores, i.e. Target, who is the biggest pusher, on November 11th. There are two new of which, the current single: "Keeps Getting Better"...

Stay Up (Life Viagra)

It's funny, my song of the week, "Stay Up (Viagra!)" by 88 Keys featuring Kanye West applies directly to my life right now. Even though the track applies to...staying..up...via Viagra, I would need Life Viagra at this point. It's as if people haven't been reading how UNBELIEVABLY exhausted I am, and more than that STRESSED TO NO END over my place of employment. I need at minimum a weeks vacation...

Despite all the stress that I've been going through with my job, its as if everyone and their mama needs to have something from me, when I don't have a MINUTE to myself. I was so stressed last week from my job, that I was either going to quit in an economic crisis or drink until I was comatose.
I've seen none of my friends...
The Significant is still away....
I've been exhausted, stressed, overworked and alone.

And the upcoming week has no slow down either..
My poor co-worker has a mother suffering from liver cancer, after just beating breast cancer and is currently under going chemotherapy so I don't expect to see much of her as she needs to tend to her mother and is under a wild amount of stress herself. The workload, in which I'm already not confident about is only going to GROW.
Friday coming is Halloween, in which I will "beat it like a cop" because I'll be "Mrs. Officer" (click to listen)

Music Playlist at

I have none of the parts to the costume and with my group of friends Halloween is a huge ordeal. This will actually be my FIRST Halloween old enough to enjoy in the city because last year this time..I was writing about my community service after briefly being jailed.
My intent is to make up for last Halloween by completely doing Halloween times 900. Between all the social obligations that I have NO CASH TO ATTEND and are expected to show face for, the exhaustion, depression over work, trying to correct the blog hacking and not to mention the oh-so-fabulous health issues I've come to love to hate....
New Jack just can't catch a break...

I think the only thing good about my day today is that I purchased gas for $2.71....$2.71!
I mean, is it not noticeable that I haven't been writing because I've been SO busy?
....Now where's that Life Viagra I was speaking of?

Here's 88 Keys...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Katy Perry Update: MTV Latin America Awards Stage Fall

Katy just had to jump on TOP of the cake.........

BTW...She's hosting the MTV European Awards :)
I <3 Katy

Amerie Update: New Album 2008

I came across these promo shots of Amerie, from her mixtape: Because I love it, Vol.1
Word on the block is along with the other heavyweights {Beyonce, 50 Cent, and Kanye West} Amerie is slated to drop an album between November-December of this year...
I'll be supporting her...but good luck in sales versus those names.......
Promo shots, under the hood...


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yung Berg Update: Put It On Me

Not a fan of Yung the least...
This song is the ONLY thing I've condoned that's come out of his mouth since his arrival...
And I'm still not over his blatant racism that he doesn't "do dark butts"...
Yeah, remember Berg, you're no T.I.P. ..and never will be...

Yung Berg
"Put It On Me"

Friday, October 17, 2008

Beyonce Update: Single Ladies/ If I Were A Boy

I'm all about the "Single Ladies" VIDEO..but not about the SONG
I'm all about the "If I Were A Boy" SONG but not the VIDEO...

Dancing...I mean, Drinking Alone

There's an Ashlee Simpson song titled, "Dancing Alone"...
On this Friday evening, I'm not dancing...nor least, not yet.

I had a horrible week at...we'll refer to it as, my place of employment. I would like to turn to a bottle and forget about it and absolutely every woman that I'm friends with is either out of town, or SLEEPING at 6:30 PM on a FRIDAY. Can we say HAPPY HOUR anyone? I completely aware of the state of affairs in the U.S., we're in an economic crisis..but in New York (at least in Nassau County), gas has officially dropped to $2.98-$3.13/gallon. This my friends translates to mean, you can do some serious damage with $10 at a bar during happy hour.

When circumstances come to this, the next idea is to devise a post for friends. If you feel as if everyone in your list has some excuse for why they cannot hang out with you aside from the obvious Economic Crisis, then this is the time where you should pay for friends. Or, primarily investigate who would like to do it on a volunteer basis. I mean...I am a pretty fun bitch to be with...
Point aside.....

Maybe, this is a sign..
Perhaps, drinking alone, while eating a cheeseburger and ribs as I've already begun to do isn't the reason why it worked out that literally everyone I know is out of reach. My BFF is asleep, My BF, The Significant left for Alabama for two weeks, and I'm not going to run down the rest of the list people who refuse to keep me company at the current moment. Maybe I should be using this time for reflection...

I've been frequenting the investigation of an Oneonta student I know, one who's doing much better than I am. I look, filled with envy and hatred over the fact that she's excelled far further than I have and is doing all the things I think I should be doing...and I'm currently, no where near. It reminds me that I'm in a state of failure. Or, that place where I would call "success", there are so many others that I know that are having that same success despite this economy doing the things in entertainment I should be doing. The key word being, "should".
As the time progresses, and the more time I spend away from "the industry" I truly start to see that it's not a matter of what you know, but truly, who you know. I've strayed so far from my place of belonging that I'm not in the "who" anymore. This puts me in the position that I can't make as many moves as I'd so please to do because I have no "connections" to get me past that "Average Joe" status. I'm starting to feel lower than low daily, in combo because I'm not where I should be and my current job only aids in destroying my self esteem.

...Go Me...
I'm starting to realize, that maybe these are signs that I truly can't hide much longer. From anything.
I have court in 3 1/2 weeks, I can't run from that anymore. The Significant is in Alabama for two weeks, so no one to dry my tears from me crying about my job almost I'll have to man up because of that. Boss Lady returns from Cancun to the office on Monday, and though my confidence is in shambles, I have to appear to her as if I know what I'm doing and as if I'm completely about my wits...despite the fact that I'm dragging the entire "team" down. I've got to continue the work I'm doing to correct my credit, because this economy is a disaster. No more hiding behind Coach bags and shoes pretending that JP Morgan Chase didn't by Wamu and that things are GOING to be alright. They aren't. I've got to fix my shaking car, and start saving towards the truck I'm trying to get. Every new Juicy Couture outlet trip is pushing me hundreds of dollars away. Again, go me...

Openly, I currently I am truly in a state of no self-esteem. Especially seeing that people from Oneonta are all doing way better than...I am. So in efforts to wallow in self-pity, only for tonight (I hope), I guess 3 cheers to...
.................. drinking alone?

Hit this guy to hear "Dancing Alone" by Ashlee Simpson

Music Playlist at

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Jack Update: Can We Talk About Silver Boots?

So I'll admit...this new Ciara "Go Girl" video has been in heavy rotation on my computer and I couldn't HELP but become very attached to the silver boots she wore at the end of the video..

And I myself, will be purchasing a pair of silver boots...I really..can't help myself and I'm a little excited about this..
Now, when in doubt, be cost effective.
I saw a pair of Dolce silver boots on sale for $495...but I have no idea if I'll even LIKE silver boots in 2009, so how about we holla at Ebay for $28.99?

I can't make up my mind, but I see myself in a pair thats for sure...I have a feeling silver boots are just the RIGHT way to end 2008 and wake up 2009...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Hate This Part Right Here...

I was writing a draft of an e-mail to my ex,who goes by Steven but as in most posts in this blog Cj. I had titled it originally as such after listening to the same title track from The Pussycat Dolls new album "Doll Domination". I stopped very early in writing it again contemplating if he really deserves the explanation he seeks from me but the title track just became applicable to my job. I wasnt kidding about the swaggerwoman post..that Kryptonite feeling just got a whole lot worse...

I don't believe that any job should render one powerless. Which is the exact feeling I have every day when I rise to attend my current job, powerless. Or better yet, they've stripped me of my confidence. Already being shaky about the material that I'm dealing with, knowing that travel has nothing to do with anything I wish to do with my life, nor has it any connection to journalism or the entertainment business, its fair to say this is new to me. I've been being trained, and I've truly within the last month come to the crossroads of where the mother lets her birds out of the nest. Now, I'm undergoing, slowly, the freedom test of apply what you've learned. Now again, knowing that this wasn't my area of study I'm already shaky about the material. This incessant black cloud of me not exactly having a part of my actual life to tie to this has started to strip me of my confidence as to whether or not I can actually do this job; am I capable of this performance. Just when I thought I already didn't possess enough confidence, I got into a pretty wild argument with a co-worker, further adding to the pot thats already been brewing. What I'm not sure if anyone understands but me, is that, that situation might have truly been the nail in the coffin for me...

We argued over instructions on paperwork. This resulted in her speaking to me as if I were 10 years old as oppposed to her peer, which is what I am and then informing me that "Your job is not that hard..." Well by all means, remind me, why am I needed at this company if my job isn't so hard? And if it's so unimportant, why do we have Marketing Specialists at this company?

I hate this part...
The part where I'm rendered powerless...
The part where you risk professionalism in engaging in such severe fights with co-workers.
The part where if you speak up too loudly, you're a hoodrat or classless, and if you don't speak up you're quickly labeled as "weak" on a good day, "faggot" on a normal one.
I hate this part...looking at the economy and realizing I'm one of those fortunate people from God, who is still employed.
I hate realizing that even though the nail has gone into the coffin...I can't exactly quit unless I thought it was fierce to be homeless etc.

They're stripping me of my swag......
They're stripping me of my confidence....
Imagine, isn't it how it works that our lives might be blissful elsewhere and in just one facet, just one, it fucks up everything? The Significant and I for months now? Wonderful. Family currently? Completely happy and healthy. Though I'm ill, I'm getting the expensive help I need to be better, so I almost can can't complain about that. I feel drained. And its only getting worse.

More and more, I'm realizing I have to move on towards my true writing calls...and stop being stripped of everything I CAME somewhere with...
I entered with everything, and it appears they're trying to make it that I leave, with nothing...
And I truly, hate that part..right..there.

Britney Spears Update: Womanizer

She looks like....shes's not on drugs.

I'm Ready To Go RIGHT NOW

After ONE AND A HALF MONTHS of my comments being disabled, they're back :) *cue the sigh of relief from the crowd* I have a couple things on the brain and it's nice to know that people can actually COMMENT again. Naturally, first as always, my BFF proved that they're working by commenting on the latest PCD video "I Hate This Part"...naturally, also expressing her hatred for PCD..
...Surprise, surprise...
Here's the video for the post title track...
John Legend f/ Andre 3000 "Green Light"

Monday, October 13, 2008

Shaun Livingston Injury

So, The Significant and his cousins were discussing this injury when looking at this kid, Shaun Livingston meanwhile arguing over NBA LIVE 09 and NBA 2K9..
...I sat comfortably, eating Mcdonalds and decided to YouTube this accident since I had no idea WHO or WHAT we were dicussing..

Now, anyone who knows me knows I have a thing for watching injuries..{google: MTV Scarred}
Shaun Livingston, your injury definitely is injury of the month in my vote! Dislocation of the knee...
Next time, just go for the Jet Li split, sacrifice your nuts for a month or two and pull the groin muscle because THAT would have been much easier than what you did do as I saw trying to STOP the split hence the break..
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Pussycat Dolls Update: I Hate This Part

HEY! Two for two? My other favorite song of the new PCD album, "Doll Domination" gets a video! And atleast a MUCH better video than "Whatcha Think About That"...which was very disappointing to me....
Nicole's hungry ass is still not letting these other cute broads live....

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Swagger Jacking IS a Crime

It's almost as if my job...has become Kryptonite.
Seriously, if I was Swaggerwoman, my job is certainly draining the life out of me. What they're doing to me is literally defined as "Swagger Jacking"

New Jack diction:
"Swagger Jacking" (swaag_err jack_ing; action-verb) 1. To participate in the act of theft of ones spirit 2. To strip one of their arrogant qualities rendering the party powerless 3. To remove the support system that makes an individual appear structured to society. {linked to: Swagger~syn. Kanye West, P. Diddy}

I've been feeling beyond powerless these last couple weeks, excessively getting worse as the time progresses. I've been reprimanded recently by my boss, better known as the Senior Marketing Manager, and though the reprimand wasn't painful, in the midsts of the job I'm doing itself that as cherries on the cake seriously added to my swag being jacked. Every day I'm there it points out more realization that I'm straying further and further from what I want and more so, need to be doing. if similar to Superman, Swaggerwoman would need the sun as an indefinite source of power. Every day I'm there, its like I'm purposely exposing myself in long doses to Kryptonite, so I'm seriously getting weaker and weaker
Let's sprinkle the current, with a severe bout of Hypoglycemia that is severely at this stage limiting my physical functions, already in a pot with Kryptonite one should ask, "are you COMPLETELY SUICIDAL?"

...Because I'm wondering if thats what the case might me...
You also can't forget that this site is being hacked for monetary value, and the swagger jacking truly began back in August when I was first hacked for roughly $80.
One can't know they're being weakened and destroyed by something and willing stay put by it. Last night, I was called by The Significant and his cousin, as well as my girlies and I was unconscious, dressed to party, in my bed. I can barely function past 9:45PM because I've stopped eating EARLIER in the afternoon leaving me sugarless by the time evening hours come. I'm HEAVILY upset that I missed out on all that last night, because being so exhausted from Hypoglycemia is literally stripping time away from me.

Now, per the instruction of "The Secret" one should not CHASE time, for if you begin the belief that you don't have ENOUGH time the universe will bring you circumstance where you will always be under the pressure of NOT having enough time. It's true....but it's also true that, I don't have enough time...worse so, I'm exposing myself to Kryptonite and have no clue where or what my "sun" could be to put my energy as well as swagger back. There comes a point that you feel rendered SO powerless you have to inquire, how or when exactly is this going to be set straight?

Any participants in swagger jacking can leave these actions solely for their worse enemies, its a crime not recommended for friendships experiencing minor turbulence.
Someone needs to send me a Lois, or get me to the sun, quickly...because its truly just getting worse daily...

Pussycat Dolls Update: Whatcha Think About That

I loved this song as soon as I heard the album, but not too thrilled about the video..
Sorry, only 3 stars from me Dolls...

And can we PLEASE get Nicole's hungry ass face out of the screen? I KNOW she's the leader and has been since 1991, but god forid we feature ANY other doll and give Melody more than a 4 second clip hitting a note (See Buttons video) Nicole's solo album "Her Name Is Nicole" flopped hard in the stores, so Robin Antin please do something about her trying to still get her solo on in the GROUP PCD videos.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ciara Update: Go Girl Video-I Friggin Wish...

I really...friggin...wish..I could....


This shot is from her upcoming video featuring T-Pain, "Go Girl" in which you can hear on her Myspace page.
Though I'm not a fan of the cover art...
I'm a big fan of hers, or maybe more so her dance skill and here's Ciara doing more crotch-like antics in the actual video...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Looking for Peace and Harmony

So, I did a 3-card tarot, on because my swagger is certainly being jacked by my job. The fact that I haven't fully accomplished my dreams as yet is sort of eating me alive. I'm at work and all I think of and daydream about is The New Jack..the possibilities, the currect hacking situation, me being in Manhattan writing for a living, where this could REALLY GO.
Then, I realize. I'm in Farmingdale, Long Island. Not writing for a living, with a peer a year older than me that is NOT my boss, acting all the more and more LIKE my boss. All in all this miserery, I'm desperately searching for peace and harmony..I know that writing in this thing is a major source of promoting that peace and harmony but in all the turmoil of my's as if I'm slowly losing it..
So here's all I did find:

Nine of Wands

in the "Self" Position

Main (positional) Meaning:

Exhaustion ruins the ability to make good judgments; find a caregiver or close friend who can assist you until you are refreshed.

The card in the Self position touches on an aspect of how you perceive yourself right now, including how at peace you are with and within yourself.
When the Nine of Wands is in this position, rest or postponement is imperative, although it may be difficult at this time to let down your guard. Often, when we think we are irreplaceable, we neglect to give ourselves time to rest and recuperate. It would be to your advantage to find a competent ally or caregiver who can fill in for you until you regain your energy. If such a person is not readily available, try to find that person inside yourself and let that part convince the rest to slow down and let go.

Try to remember that exhaustion stymies the ability to make good decisions anyway, giving negative forces an opportunity to gain an advantage. For the sake of yourself and the entire situation, take a break! Quiet the mind and breathe into the Now.

Three of Swords

in the "Challenges/ Opportunities" Position

Main (positional) Meaning:

Intervene in the face of hostility, summoning up the courage others may be lacking.
The card in the Challenges/Opportunities position reflects
how you can use creativity and skill to turn conflicts into harmonious understanding. With the Three of Swords in this position, your unique point of view can help lower the stakes in the current situation and possibly even create a dialogue to help move out of the tension. It takes a brave soul to remain optimistic in the face of the storm. You may be able to help salvage some harmony from a stressful situation.

Apparently you are the one available person who has the skill and ability to facilitate better communications. Don't hold yourself back simply because the situation is tense and frightening. Maybe there is something you can contribute that will smooth things out a bit.

Seven of Swords

in the Situation position

Get in touch with your inner strength. Rise to the occasion and lead the march to peace! If you cannot do that, at least support the person who comes foreword to make the effort.

The Situation position refers to the general set of influences that surround you and affect your personal experience of peace. We all have to deal with conflict and are affected by the process.

When the Seven of Swords is in this position, the situation demands a courageous person who can successfully transmit a positive and inspiring message. If you feel a sense of chaos and disorganization around you, then you may need to raise your inner awareness and give yourself a voice.

Why be silent when you have such a good understanding of it all and could get the job done yourself? If you do not step forward in the name of peace, then who will? A new infusion of courage and leadership is imperative. Without it, complete healing may not be possible, and the situation could linger on without resolution.

October 2008 forecast:

All or Nothing

A more intense approach to relationships can be expected this month as your planet Mars sextiles Pluto on October 2 and then plunges into Scorpio on October 4. It's time to cut the fat by eliminating activities that aren't fulfilling your needs. Halfway measures won't be enough, so dig in and decide where you're going to invest your energy and where you need to pull back. When you concentrate your forces on one task or with one person, you can reach levels of fulfillment you haven't previously known. If you lack direction, the Full Moon in Aries on October 14 will get your attention and open your eyes to where changes are necessary. Communicative Mercury turns direct in your Seventh House of Partnerships on October 15, which helps you discuss issues objectively with those close to you in addition to reaching out and making new connections.
Keep in Mind this Month:
An attitude of guarded optimism helps you sustain the necessary excitement to motivate yourself while working within the limitations of those around you.

I'm certainly working within limitations alright...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Katy Perry Update: Hot N Cold

New music from Katy Perry, "Hot N Cold"...
I absolutely adore this woman!

She's currently dating Travis of Gym Class Heroes, if anyone on planet earth didn't know...
But enjoy "Hot N Cold"

MAC Update: CremeSheen

MAC has a new line out, "CremeSheen"

Hurry over and get yourself some free shipping!

The Code you ask? CremeSheen

All-American Rejects Update: Gives You Hell

All-American Rejects has a new single "Gives You Hell" off their album due out on November 18th called "When the World Comes Down"

Fun fact from Itunes: Their last album "Move Along" is approaching 6 million in digital sales. Remarkable. I was a huge fan of both their albums.
That new single, "Gives You Hell" is available on Itunes now....