Monday, March 31, 2008

Kung Fu Fighting

This baby's face is going to give me nightmares...
I didn't think it was a real baby at first!
He looks like E.T.!!!!!
..."phone home"

Spring Time Blues

I'm sorry...
I don't mean to depress anyone...but looking at the weather outside...doesn't this make you say fuck spring, and where is summer already?

Hello treadmill.......
*puts down fork*

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Competition for Mama

Lil Mama, watch your ass kiddo....

These two (annoying) teenagers are both replications of one another, but have a disgustingly LARGE fan base and are about to rock Lil Mama's world. Both are slightly younger, funkier, Kanye/Pharrell on cocaine-esk versions of Lil Mama. They wear couture gowns and Ice Cream sneakers. Enough Said.

Teyana Taylor:
Represents Harlem, New York
Unattractive (opinion!)
Couture dresses and Ice Creams
Signed to Star Trak
Extremely Tiny in person (I met her working at Entertainment Weekly's Must list 2007 red carpet)

Tokyo Diva
Represents the Bronx, New York
Considerably better looking
Already has her own personal Dipset "Juice Krew"
Signed to LeftHook Ent.
Her song is the theme song for Oxygen! series show: The Bad Girls Club

Its funny how two kids OBVIOUSLY born in the '90's are attempting to combine 2008+1980.
In my book, neither student has passed.
Classed dismissed.


New Keyshia Cole...
I have her album, and this actually is my favorite track on the entire album. It's nice to know my favorite was released as a single.
She truly is going to be the next Mary J. Blige..

Are you really going to tell me this does NOT remind you of the "Everything" video by Mary J. Blige?
From their innate hoodness to the video shoot location...take a look..

Friday, March 28, 2008

The New Jack Photos

I've created a new blog!

I figured....
I was having so many problems with finding an image gallery to host my pictures and so many people have been requesting a site to just view my photos. So duh! I created a photo blog.
You can also from now on click the photos link in the navigation bar above!


First Aid for Giants

Danity Kane does Giant Magazine...

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho

I wouldn't mind...I mean, I really wouldn't mind if someone took the time to explain to me how exactly I got to work today...
After the debacle with the high-waisted jeans as per the last entry, I wound up wearing them anyway and not exhaling during any photo that was taken.

Similarly how I will be at my birthday party..
This is why I was wearing the cute high-waisted jeans and NOT breathing for the evening...
Oh dear Lord Jesus...

Oh yes....
In celebration of Tina's birthday (the woman in the first photo) we shimmied into Webster Hall which is ladies free on Thursday nights for that EXACT reason. Did I mention OPEN BAR? I didn't think so.
I was served at the bar by a Domenico (Tila Tequila's Shot at Love) look alike who was flirting and provided my BFF and I with "Gin and somethings".
That beautiful Hispanic creature is the man I will be having children with for the next 3 generations. That's a PROMISE.
He danced with me for a whopping 11 seconds and it was AMAZING. We're not gonna talk about the two minute ass palming....
After..complimentary champagne, gin and "somethings" on a barely digested Mcdonalds stomach I found my way into my bed at 4:35a.m. and my father promptly reminded me that I'm employed 7:15 a.m.

I arose from virtually, the dead, motivated by the color GREEN. If I called out I would have lost $100 today. I don't just LOSE $100.
By the way, isn't my BFF the cutest little prick you've EVER seen?

Never mind the birthday girl enjoying her gifts...
But somehow, hi-ho, hi-ho I went to work and...lived. Probably 2 hours and 40 minutes of sleep total, and did NOT consume a Redbull energy drink.

So maybe the fact that I'm WIDE awake now must be SOME sign that when I collapse tonight, it'll be forever...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

High Waisted

I'm wondering why my high-waisted skinny jeans are making my middle look bigger than it is...
Pictures of that soon..

Impressions of Travel

*flexs fingers*
What has it been? 24 hours?

Impressions of Travel: I'm working for Travel Impressions. I've been getting a SLEW of IMs/text messages etc. of people wanting to know about my new found employment.
I'm working in the Product Development department, and despite how SLOW things began I think things are looking upward. I'm slowly, but surely making some companions so maybe this isn't going to be a nightmare 2-3 months after all.
I'm looking forward to networking here....

First Impressions: I had the phone interview with the record label that contacted me. It was NOT good. First of all, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Prick aka the Asian that I had my interview with was NOT friendly. To say she was extremely CURT, is an understatement. I wanted to shank her. Why must everything in the music business revolve around slavery? I have accepted that unless I start sleeping with the slave master and start pouring juice inside the "massa's" house I wont be working in the "biz" anytime soon...

Lasting Impressions: I'm hoping I'm making a good impression at Travel Impressions. My mother expressed some impressions she has of me lately. They included: selfish and annoying for starts. Thanks...mother dearest? She's leaving for Ft. Lauderdale on SATURDAY. Now I love my mother but trust me, I'm NOT mad about her leaving for 8 days. I'm SO not mad. We just can't stop butting heads......

Impressions Left on the Vagina: Today is my friend Xtina's 23rd birthday. Somehow, I'm going to go to Manhattan and celebrate it in Webster Hall(-LADIES FREE TONIGHT) and attend work in the morning. Say a little prayer for me...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Shout Outs 3


Lipstick Bitches left a comment on my blog :)
The site is pretty fierce...well, the layout is better than mine is...MORE importantly, it has all the JUICY shit that I want to read about..
I just write...about anything....because I'm a crackhead that is not aware that I have been diagnosed with ADD.

It's celebrity...its music....its BEAUTY...its fashion...its..all the things I care about...
Go check out Lipstick Bitches
and if you intend to wear any today, MAC or Max Factor please......

The People's Choice

Hot 97's Dj Envy dropped a SLEW of fantabulous new music today on my ride home from my FIRST day of work.

Red Cafe f/50 cent, Fabolous, Jadakiss-Paper Touchin remix

Madonna f/Justin Timberlake-Four Minutes
My honest synopsis, its NOT that serious. It was a typical "Timbaland is the hottest nigga in the game, and J.T. is his lapdog, let me jump in between that sandwich cause I'm GUARANTEED a hit song without trying. I'm EXTREMELY disappointed in Madonna. THIS is not innovative. Innovative=Madonna. This=Newly signed pop star desperate for a hit.

Rick Ross f/T-Pain and Lil Wayne- The Boss remix
First off, this song is in CONSTANT rotation in my life. I'm CONSTANTLY quoting this song. Rick Ross is definitely in my TOP 5 of favorite rappers, I adore his fat gorilla ass. This song is HOT even with T-Pain's annoying ass on it. Using T-Pain is like using Timbaland, just cheaper...less money spent, for a GUARANTEED hit and GUARANTEED radio play. I tell The Significant when his Sprint phone breaks up that he sounds like T-Pain (LMAO! he gets so pissed)

Ne-Yo f/Kanye West-I'm not sure if this track I posted was the right one. I only heard a snippet of it on the radio cause Envy was moving so quickly. I do believe this is the right track, so take a listen.

Janet Jackson-Rock Wit U- As much as my BFF despises this song because "JANET JACKSON DOESN'T SING, SHE WHISPERS..I HAVEN'T HEARD HER GODDAMN VOICE IN 40 YEARS, STOP GIGGLING AND WHISPERING AND SING!"...Regardless, the pleasure principle is that this shit is cute. Its very catchy, PLEASE despite Janet whispering like Michael, have a listen..

Hey, One At A Time!


Today, was my first day at Travel Impressions-my 3 month temporary assignment. How is it, that the minute I become employed...a record label finally....

....calls me back for an interview....

Maybe....I should their artists, without giving their actual name away...


A Perfect Circle

Trace Adkins


Lily Allen


Leif Øve Andsnes


Richard Ashcroft


Axelle Red

Charles Aznavour


Corinne Bailey Rae

Anita Baker

The Band

Shirley Bassey

The Beach Boys

Beastie Boys

The Beatles



Dierks Bentley

Benjamin Biolay

Jane Birkin

Blind Boys of Alabama


David Bowie

Sarah Brightman

Charlie Brown Jr

Kate Bush


Chris Cagle

John Cale



Carpark North

Luz Casal

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Kasey Chambers

Steven Curtis Chapman

The Chemical Brothers


Tim Christensen

Julien Clerc



Daft Punk

Dandy Warhols

Dem Franchize Boyz

Depeche Mode

Natalie Dessay

Dilated Peoples


Duran Duran


End of Fashion


Faith Evans


Tiziano Ferro


Fountains of Wayne


Anja Garbarek

Angela Gheorghiu


The Good, The Bad & The Queen


Al Green

Herbert Groenemeyer

David Guetta


Ed Harcourt

Ben Harper

George Harrison

Missy Higgins

J. Holiday

Hot Chip

Tomoyashu Hotei




Iron Maiden


Tokyo Jihen

Norah Jones


Nigel Kennedy

Kings of Convenience


Beverley Knight

The Kooks




Lenny Kravitz



Amos Lee

John Lennon


Helmut Lotti

Joe Lovano





The Magic Numbers

Noriyuki Makihara

Mando Diao


Lene Marlin

Wynton Marsalis

Massive Attack

Yumi Matsutoya

Jose Merce


Marisa Monte

Jason Moran

The Music


Smokie Norful




Beth Orton


Antonio Pappano

Pet Shop Boys

Liz Phair


Pink Floyd


Iggy Pop





Bonnie Raitt


Simon Rattle


Dianne Reeves

Relient K


Cliff Richard

Sheena Ringo

The Rolling Stones

Vasco Rossi



Sigur Rós

69 Eyes

The Sleepy Jackson

Alain Souchon

Spice Girls

St Germain


Al Stewart

Joss Stone





Jacky Terrasson


30 Seconds To Mars


KT Tunstall

Tina Turner




Keith Urban

Utada Hikaru


Maxim Vengerov


Pharrell Williams

Robbie Williams

Cassandra Wilson

Wir Sind Helden





DO you see 30 Seconds to Mars
DO you see the name J. HOLIDAY
DO you see the name TINA TURNER

Dear Lord, one job at a TIME..
Someone, fan me before I faint...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lola's Resume

After being unemployed and BROKE for so long, upon sudden employment, things just..taste better. I've been having a 48 hour celebration of my employment which included two nights of massive drinking, and consuming ALL fast food. Yesterday in particular, I didn't eat until I had Subway for lunch and a combination of Boston Market and Chinese food for dinner, THEN proceeded to drink with company. THAT diet is NOT going to get me into my birthday dress for 4/12/2008. Today is Easter, so after today when I will pig out at dinner I'm going MILITANT about what I consume starting on 3/24/2008.

Here's always something to make you want to eat less, none other than Angel Lola Luv:

Her resume ENTERTAINS ME containing Angel's measurements. I didn't know that these women needed a resume compiled of I have come to the solid conclusion that the breasts are most definitely fake. After reviewing a slew of photos-a near 200 of them, they definitely are of the silicon valley.
But this....

Should definitely make you want to get on the Mary-Kate Olsen diet...
I'm officially on it...

Onitsuka Tiger

Something to add to your Firefox/ Internet Explorer bookmarks:
(photos courtesy of asics)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Air Jordan

I've officially embarked upon employment. Not permanent, but a nice 3-month gig. I think everyone knows its been a LONG ways coming. I begin work on Tuesday here on Long Island and along with a new job, I'll be getting a car.


I'm trying very,very hard to control my excitement. I know that upon someone getting overly excited about something they tend to forget minor details about things that need to be taken care of, and wind up fucking up everything. Which is the LAST thing I want to do.

Brooklyn: I should be in Brooklyn on Monday I believe. Quickly and briefly, accompanying my mother. I'm going to have to hustle back towards Long Island to get payroll paper work sorted out.

Celebration: Last night, 4 of us got together and clinked some glasses in celebration of my newly found employment. It was a cute, very drunken time. In all the entertainment, one question, do YOU have sex with your shoes on ?
Mainly, Jordans?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Bust It Baby

Please....take some time to watch this unbelievably and painfully hood video.
THIS is why no one will vote for Obama and why a black person will never be president.

Why must we NOT have class?

From A.M to P.M.

On my hunt to find a way to re-stylize my hair for the birthday event, I said to myself who ALWAYS looks hot and finds impossible to look ugly even if hit by an 18-wheeler?
Christina Milian!

You could hack her with a cleaver, and she'd still look fierce. HA! I wish that was my life.
I stumbled upon these photos, that make me definitely want to start taking pills..Jessie from Saved By The Bell style.."PILLS ARE ALL I NEED! I'M SO EXCITED! I'M SO EXCITED!"...we all know what happens after that line with Zack in her room...

I digress...the photos..


Yes, please, vomit openly my children..
Then this just made my head HURT with cuteness..

Sigh, I spent the whole day with The Significant yesterday, but after not seeing someone for 3 weeks and getting only one day..its not enough...

I also discovered this site that I'm fond of:

Quote Them

I'm in higher spirits as evident, indulge in some random, but good quotes:

As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.
- Andrew Carnegie

Preach! Write! Act! Do anything save to lay down and die! - Hawthorne

The fellow who thinks he knows it all is especially annoying to those of us who do. - Harold Coffin

It's kind of fun to do the impossible. - Walt Disney

Read over your compositions, and when you meet a passage which you think is particularly fine, strike it out.
- Samuel Johnson

He that makes haste to be rich shall not be innocent. - Proverbs (28:20)

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love. 1 JOHN 4:18

"Young women are too critical of their looks. What makes you beautiful is feeling comfortable with yourself-and finding happiness in how you live YOUR LIFE"- Vera Wang

Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance. - Samuel Johnson

I will not condemn you for what you did yesterday, if you do it right today.
- Sheldon S. Maye

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new. - Henry David Thoreau

History will be kind to me for I intend to write it. - Winston Churchill

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.
- Confucius

An amateur built an ark that survived a flood while a large group of professionals built the Titanic. - Bill Swanson

Every really new idea looks crazy at first. - Alfred North Whitehead


I was always told when you are overwhelmed by things, to divide and conquer. It's always best to divide everything into sections and focus in order to initiate a plan of attack...

Zoom, Zoom: I might be the proud owner of car over the course of the next two weeks. If plans succeed, I will have a rented car, Tuesday through Friday of the upcoming week. The week after that one (3/30) I will be holding my mother's prized Murano while she in Ft. Lauderdale with her sisters sipping on virgin Pina Coladas (she has acid reflux) and shopping. She'll be gone for I believe 8 days.

Ching, Ching: I also might be the proud owner of..a job. An agency has apparently come through for me and I might just be employed for the next 3 months under a contract. In the event that I am employed, I will be employed in Melville (Suffolk County, Long Island) in which it is imperative that I have a vehicle to get to and from work. While I am renting the car for the first week, and driving the Murano during the second my father will be working on acquiring my OWN vehicle in which I will dutifully owe him $300/week/paycheck in order to reimburse him. A deal I will GLADLY sign to for a CAR of my OWN.

"Change clothes, and go": Though I have totally made up my mind exactly what dress I want and have shown it to some people: JaxPoetic, "BFF nigga" and my wife, Nikki, I'm still not sure how I'm PAYING for it. Despite that MAJOR issue, I am still on track with fitting INTO the dress. I've lost 1 inch off my waist, and now I'm going to go into Tae-Bo beastmode to get an additional 3.5 inches off by my birthday. My current measurements as of today is 38-30-42. I'm definitely trying to get into the high school body which was: 38-26-40. Yep, people loved that. I did have sex atleast 5 times in a 8 hour timespan yesterday, so doesn't that count as cardio? AND I only ate one meal with all that workout, so that should definitely count as something....

Weavalicious: Ok, there has been a general disagreement consensus about the possibly birthday hair because it reminds the "BFFnigga" and Pristina Christina of Stephanie Tanner..Ouch ladies. Everyone SEEMS to love the hair I have now. I just don't know WHAT to do as long as the hair is not STRAIGHT. We're hoping that this whole job thing comes through ANYWAY so that I'll have the funding to do something with my head, period. We're not going to get into my nails......
All you loveable mofos posting comments about Stephanie Tanner, shit leave a damn comment with an image tag or HTML so I can see a friggin PICTURE of what you guys think would be ideal. Maybe I'll just post several pictures and a poll...that sounds right..

Workout Plans: Earlier referencing cardio..I'm telling you, when you don't see your Significant Other for 3 damn weeks..the things that happen to your vagina...amen. Magical. And ALL of my lower abs hurt, yes! Nicolette Sheridan from Desperate Housewives says she has sex up 6 times daily and does yoga on the side and THATS how she keeps her figure. Hey, sex keeps you young baby. Especially if particular parties are skeeting on your face...allegedly. I can't testify, I swear.

Zen: I'm almost finished with the complete cleanup of the bedroom. I've been listening to people talk about Feng-Shui and I'm thinking about moving things around in my room. This could include the bed, if my bed wasn't made for a Princess. I have to take pictures of my bed and post it. For my 20th birthday, I came home from Oneonta for spring break/my birthday to see a queen-sized bed and princess frame. Everyone loves my bed ha ha. I have to keep The Significant out of it, or else he'll only talk for 10 minutes before knocking out.

I have been lighting candles (behind my mother's back-shes TERRIFIED of fires) much to the advice of Jax Poetic. I have an expensive one that I NEVER lit from my days of Blissworld, which is Brown Sugar Vanilla and its AMAZING, thats why it costs how much it does for its tiny ass. Denzel (the 16 year old brother) has tripped and his 5'11 ass has broke my beloved chair by falling with all 170lbs on top of it. I need to replace it and have areas for people sit in my room as before. I also (as late as this may sound) have downloaded Itunes. Let me EXPLAIN that I do not NEED it cause I didn't jump on the Ipod craze, I wanted to be different therefore I am the owner of PSP. I just decided to do it and I LOVE the organization of my music. Windows Media Player also sucks. The newly added Itunes with its organization has made me able to set up really nice playlists and SEARCH for my music 100x better and faster, adding to the Zen since the music plays comfortably without doing bullshit while I clean, mediate, fornicate etc. I am officially and Itunes fan.

Verizon Wireless: I do still owe $215.00 on my bill. We're gonna hope they don't turn that off...

Cross your fingers for good things to come...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Vagina Ownership

Listen to me....
This man does own my vagina, he just doesn't know it yet...

After get an early morning rile up courtesy of Pristina Chrsitina, I had to post this that she had in her blog:
Can we just...analyze this?


30 Seconds is one of my top 5 favorite bands, might even be top 3, cause they line up with Taking Back Sunday in my heart..and hmmm some Spill Canvas, oohh how I love me some Spill Canvas. Not the new shit, you young kids are jumping on NOW, they've been underground for a minute and those songs were HOTTER. Now Spill Canvas is on MTV and niggas are FEENIN like they actually know about them.

Sorry, had to express that anger.

Anyhow, I been up on this Chapter 27 movie about the murder of John Lennon and word originally was that they weren't even going to RELEASE it in the U.S. Now if they do, I'll be one of the first feens there watching Jared and La Lohan, cause for those who don't know Lindsay will also be in the film..ugh, I'm excited.

Anyone seen Bobby?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

$100,000 Deep

I had to share this...
As someone who is in credit/school loan debt, I know almost EVERY SINGLE friend of mine is in BOTH and is lucky if they only have one. I read this on Essence online on how this woman changed everything around after being $100,000 in CREDIT CARD DEBT. She was splurging on TRIPS, thats definitely worse than some shoes and bags. That's how her numbers jumped through the roof.

Read her article.
Then visit these two sites:

Root Control

I'm interested in this:It's supposed to be VERY excited for "nappy-headed hos" like myself..Thanks, Asshole, I mean, Imus. I WANT this thing, its a ROOT straightener ($180). In which, I'm the type of girl who is TERRIFIED of irons as much as I LIVE on them; I'm terrified of being burned. I never do my roots well, and its OBVIOUS because I'm afraid of getting burned. This shit looks very G. I'm sure CHIC NOIR would LOVE this, cause she loves glam...

I'm interested in these new items to go with the Root Control iron, since I'm in a weave 342 days out of the 365 days a year:

These are from SoftSheen Carson-they have a new weave care line which I think is VERY exciting. Its about TIME someone released a weave care line. There are various products that I've tried that are for human hair, not human yaky hair etc. It winds up destroying your weave after you pay all this money for it. Not hot.
You can however throw these items in a birthday gift bag :) ...just a thought...

I'm also speculating maybe wearing my hair like this for my birthday party:
Which in order to achieve this, will need this ($48.95):

Bed Head 3 Barrel Dual Waver Professional Tourmaline Nano Ceramic BH300

Ugh, what am I getting for my birthday?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Baking Cake

This article was straight...G....

The Lose-Lose Gamble Approach
You are focused on making a living by constantly looking for where and how to get the most money out of every situation. Money is the driving force behind in this scenario. You always try to get a piece of the cake as long as there is cake on the table. If there is no cake on the table, you move on to another table to see if there is some cake left for you.

It’s a lousy way to get food on the table and to feed your family. It’s a way that leads sooner or later to the bottom of the system, ending up with less and in the end, with nothing. Over time, you need to become smarter to grab the cake, as there is more and more competition from others for that choice piece of cake. At one point, you may even try to steal the cake. It’s a desperate situation, but one you can justify, because after all, you need to eat, right?.

You are lost in cake hell.

blog it

It’s a straight lose-lose system. You lose and the whole society loses. Do you really think the bank just prints more money? Have you ever thought about where the money comes from? Why is it that the dollar is worth less and less? Everyone works harder and longer and more efficiently than ever before in the history of the human race. Yet, it cost more and more to simply have that piece of cake. Do you get the idea that all this is somehow connected?

Individual (micro) loss and market or social (macro) loss is just the tip of the iceberg. Our system of monetized consumerism goes far beyond of our paltry ability to understand how it fully affects our planet. All resources - natural or otherwise - that are taken out and not somehow replenished are lost forever. This helps to create a downward spiral that ultimately affects our own chances of survival.
Where does the cake come from when everyone is focused solely on the cake itself and not on what goes into the cake?

blog it

How can anyone make a cake when all the ingredients have been depleted?

This approach is the simple result of thinking and acting as if you’re the only one on this planet. It’s the attitude that says, “It is all about me, me, me.” This attitude is severely unhealthy. It ultimately leads to loss of power, loss of self-esteem, avoidance, and to feelings of hopelessness and depression. It is beyond the power of even Prozac to sugarcoat.

The Win-Win Contributer Approach
You are focused on contributing to society. You are aware that you are a unique person and you have developed your unique strengths, abilities and gifts - of course for your benefit, but also for the benefit of others. You are using these attributes along with a positive attitude to contribute your share to society.

You are in the service business. You enrich and enlighten society, and from the mixing bowl of your life, you make wonderful cakes

blog it

Imagine if everyone could do it this way. Imagine the results of this scenario. There would be so much cake on the table that no one would ever have to fight about the getting enough. Indeed, there would be countless tables with an abundance of cakes on each one. It would be a society that would be so rich, so deliciously abundant, that it would have plenty of resources, and also one in which everything that is created is sustainable.

There would be so much value in the system in the form of money and in many other intangibles, that society could cooperatively build a global energy production system that is cheap - maybe even free - and based on free resources from advanced solar, wind and other technologies.

As a member of this society, and because you are creatively and fully utilizing your strengths and talents, no robot can ever replace you.

blog it

You holistically use your intuition as well as your intelligence to to make life decisions. As a consequence, your capacity to visualize reality and to create it flawlessly borders on the fantastic.
This approach is the result of thinking and acting with the certain understanding that we are all connected.

We have one earth and each of us is part of the whole system. We understand that our local actions have global effects. We understand that contributing to the whole makes the whole stronger and richer, and gives back synergistically to each individual and to society as well. Each individual benefits in untold ways when he or she contributes back into the system.

It all starts out with a single belief or concept about how we want to see the world and ourselves.
choose this kind of abundance over deprivation if they are only willing to take their eyes off the cake and instead think about how to put it - and many more just as delicious - onto the world’s table to benefit the whole.

blog it

Everyone should take a look at this in Dream Manifesto

Feedback 2


How did I, the biggest Tyra fan in the WORLD, miss Janet Jackson on her show?
"why are they putting flour up their nose?"

Runway walk!

He Does Birthdays Too

Jason Mothafuckin Mraz is doing a SHOW in NEW YORK, in MANHATTAN on MY birthday....
If I am NOT there, I will HURT myself.
The tickets are $30.

I don't think anyone besides my BFF, Linette understands the SERIOUSNESS of this event. This would be the hottest birthday EVER. The website is CRASHING with people trying to make an order. If you'd like to go, or buy tickets for me you can call: 866 468 7619


Monday, March 17, 2008


I miss being a firecrotch....

A lot of people weren't sure of how to feel about me being a redhead. It was the biggest change I've done in a long time. I guess it's that itch that when summer time is on the horizon, you want your hair color to get LIGHTER.

This was me, summer '07...
That was at Kanye's birthday party..
Even this was a nice quick change for New Years '08...the curls and bang..
Lord, the breasts look like you could stab them with a pin and watch them deflate..

And this is me, as of February 2008.

I do however, enjoy ME with bangs. My mom loves my hair as it is now in the pictures above, my aunts and uncles HATE it. At this rate, my hair will still be as above for my birthday. In which I'm trying to devise a back up outfit in the event I can't get the special dress I want to wear.

Ugh, someone say a prayer I get this dress...and that it fits...