Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The People's Choice

Hot 97's Dj Envy dropped a SLEW of fantabulous new music today on my ride home from my FIRST day of work.

Red Cafe f/50 cent, Fabolous, Jadakiss-Paper Touchin remix

Madonna f/Justin Timberlake-Four Minutes
My honest synopsis, its NOT that serious. It was a typical "Timbaland is the hottest nigga in the game, and J.T. is his lapdog, let me jump in between that sandwich cause I'm GUARANTEED a hit song without trying. I'm EXTREMELY disappointed in Madonna. THIS is not innovative. Innovative=Madonna. This=Newly signed pop star desperate for a hit.

Rick Ross f/T-Pain and Lil Wayne- The Boss remix
First off, this song is in CONSTANT rotation in my life. I'm CONSTANTLY quoting this song. Rick Ross is definitely in my TOP 5 of favorite rappers, I adore his fat gorilla ass. This song is HOT even with T-Pain's annoying ass on it. Using T-Pain is like using Timbaland, just cheaper...less money spent, for a GUARANTEED hit and GUARANTEED radio play. I tell The Significant when his Sprint phone breaks up that he sounds like T-Pain (LMAO! he gets so pissed)

Ne-Yo f/Kanye West-I'm not sure if this track I posted was the right one. I only heard a snippet of it on the radio cause Envy was moving so quickly. I do believe this is the right track, so take a listen.

Janet Jackson-Rock Wit U- As much as my BFF despises this song because "JANET JACKSON DOESN'T SING, SHE WHISPERS..I HAVEN'T HEARD HER GODDAMN VOICE IN 40 YEARS, STOP GIGGLING AND WHISPERING AND SING!"...Regardless, the pleasure principle is that this shit is cute. Its very catchy, PLEASE despite Janet whispering like Michael, have a listen..

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