Monday, March 17, 2008

Shout Outs 2

Shout Outs:
LibraDreamer: Thanks for pointing out that the Britney "Break The Ice" video was missing. I mean, the hoodness of YouTube is only one of a kind. It's posted via Yahoo! Music and there to stay :) go back and enjoy my dear. My apologizes for anyone who tried to view the video and the hood richness kicked in.

Pristina Christina
: Uber fierce new layout my dear. Just friggin do one for me...shit...Obama is about to be president can blacks help blacks?

Jax Poetic: HOT post on love. EVERYONE should run to her blog real quick and read that. I didn't peep that from Facebook so good looking out for those of us who didn't catch it.

All About The Glam
: Thanks for adding me to the blog roll! Us bloggers need to love each other and promote each other..not do what some others are doing, which is copying each others EXACT style in efforts to try and be BETTER than you at being YOU. Yeah, people seem to not love their own genius. Chic Noir, I love yours though and that's what matters :)

We all need to stand under each others umbrellas....simply because vaginas are hot.

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Jax Poetic said...

word umm....check my links. that page pearl pot? Best site stumble ever gave me