Friday, February 29, 2008

Once A Killer...

Now let me make this very clear...
I do not find Ashanti as an attractive woman..and I do see a shank being carved based on that statement..
I worse so, do not believe Ashanti can sing. Sometimes it's very painful..
Not NEARLY as painful as watching the woman tells us she's "DANCING", cause that is worse so painful..

Nonetheless, I do like the majority of her videos. She always has some semi-fierce hair that I need to analyze. Very Beyonce-ish in her attempts to wear gowns. And as much as she cannot sing, she has some sickeningly catchy songs despite the lack of talent. (See dictionary: Cassie)

I just like this damn video, A LOT:

People need to just stop CHEATING and just tell other people they don't want to be with them anymore. Jesus.

This is why shanking is becoming worldwide..

Always HBIC

I'm in a relaxed mood so I'm taking to addressing everything in a quite subtle manner. AGAIN, just as was posted in Overwhelmed By Genius the point is being proven furthermore, as yet another joins the blogspot for the simple sake of trendiness. I swear, people are trying to make this the new, Live Journal and it disgusts me.
The minute you try to do something, why is it necessary for everyone to hop on, therefore REDUCING the originality, uniqueness and credibility as to what you started as your own.

I give up.

There's unfortunately nothing you can do in this world innovatively over the internet that people cannot "bite" off of because they do not possess their own...genius.

I'm over imitation being flattery. *sigh*
I do want to shank people now.

Nonetheless, as stated earlier, I'm in higher spirits.
I spent the entire day and night and morning with The Significant after what was coming close again to another two-week separation. We had a great time. It made me just think about how ridiculous I was to have been with my ex for so, so long with him being so unable to accept me for who I am. I belittled myself as much as he did me, by ALLOWING him to not accept me and make me feel guilty about WHO I am. A mistake NEVER to be made again. The little things that are shown like that from The Significant, the ability to not only appreciate but the desire to INDULGE in who I am reminds me of the mistake over and over. It makes me appreciate him more as much as I scold myself for stupidity on the behalf of my ex. Foolish I am no more, for I'll never be brain dead enough to return to that type of relationship...

My high spirits continue, and I hope as planned as my weekend is thoroughly mapped out. Nikki is coming from Connecticut tonight to be with me and its sounding like we're about to have a huge gala. Me, her, The Significant, his cousins, my Bff and other girlfriend counterparts. It's already adding up to 3 cars of people. This will result in, LOTS of pictures, LOTS of liquor, a TONS of laughs.
I actually just found out kinda how to work the Camcorder part of my Treo and it gives me I believe 30 minutes total-can you imagine if I had a memory card? I'm going to be making a very chopped and screwed video of our night. I'll be my first of reality tv, so I'm sure it'll be sloppy but you should love it anyway :)

I will most certainly be unreachable after 8pm unless you're one of the accompanying parties. I hope my lackeys enjoy trying to be better than me at being me...
Most people must have forgotten...


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Leak 2

Faster than I thought...
"Pretty Boy", "Is Anybody Listening", "2 of You", "Damaged" are some of the new tracks

Is this REAL:
And I'm HURT Prezzie didn't have the photo...I had to go ELSEWHERE after seeing it on TV via E! last night. BUT, I actually give my consent. Its wretechedly cute... reminds me of Justin and Britney....
Rihanna is too pretty...she'll definitely mess this up before Chris Brown will..

I'll put money on it!


Did this just for hell's sake in Zimbio yesterday:
Zimbio Cover
(Danity Kane cover-credit New Jack)

They're a site that does "wiki-based magazines". I'm thinking hard about creating a New Jack one but I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to tailor it as yet.
Everything in this life is about doing it yourself...
No one is going to hand you ANYTHING, and after being unemployed for so long I'm really starting to see that point...

More DK news...
Getting hold of some tracks that I'm leaking from the Welcome To The Dollhouse album. One of them (of course) has Weezy (aka Lil Wayne if you're brain dead) on the track..
That track is called "Phase"; hopefully I'll be posting those tracks in an hour or two..

Ok, for those who may not want to view this blog in all the "bells&whistles" maybe because you're viewing it on a CELL PHONE browser you can go to a simple version of this blog which has been running for awhile via FeedBurner
"My feeds drop it like it's hot"
Can I just say...I don't know if my blog is that interesting besides the fact that I'm writing about what I LIKE but my subscriptions just shot up like whoa!

I <3>

Paris Fashion:
Jeremy're a G...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Welcome To The Dollhouse

Oh, how I love thee and thy fashion...
Oh, how I would marry thee for thy garments...
How dost thou be so attractive...

The album cover is here..........

Here's their single again, Damaged:

Addressing These..

Things to address...In some relative order...

My Vagina: Well, its becoming consistent that I'm only seeing The Significant once every two weeks. His car has been broken since New Years day: brakes, battery and cracked rim. The train travel between his part of Nassau and my part of Suffolk equals out to be two hours, so forget that. Or, lately when I've had some small cash to spare I've been out in Manhattan picking up a temp paycheck and seeing him then. I saw him on Sunday after a WILD fight with my mother over the use of her truck. I'm an excellent driver, I've never been in any accidents etc. and she STILL refuses to let me use the car for anything not related to her or my father. Needless to say, here I go AGAIN not getting laid for two weeks...

Kim Kardashian: Ok, people viewing my blog obviously have as serious an obsession as I do cause the searches for entries on her in the blog are WILD. So...The intelligent thing to do would be to search the LABEL in my blog that is "KimK" and you'll get all the pictures you're looking for. Now people are in my PHOTOBUCKET...eerie...
Here are the most recent photos of her shopping on 2/20/2008:
(click on any photo to enlarge; courtesy of Gossip Girls)

The backshot...

Awww, sleepy, how cute

Family Matters: Its hard for me to detail it out of my brain the extent of how bad the fight was with my mother but its not about the truck, its about our baggage; we haven't gotten along for years...

Black Kids:
Cameron is stressing out Nikki on the sole basis of being black and this is what I have to say. Not just about them its about love in general. If you want something, you work for it, and if you don't want to work it "right now" but expect to just have don't deserve it. The End.

Good Memories:
I met Ron Jeremy...and I stumbled upon this picture of my 18 year old self in Oneonta:

Dear Jesus, how innocent looking was I in those days...

Original Workout Inspiration:
Esther Baxter
Before their was Angel Lola Luv...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shopping Prozac

These last couple days have been weird in swing. I wake in the morning, great mood all is fine and fabulous and then in the late afternoon, evenings my mood suddenly snaps and I'm very unhappy. Most of the last couple days have been cause-effect unhappiness. Arguing with the younger sibling, monetary woes etc.

Yesterday, I last minute convinced my mother to head out to Roosevelt Field mall which is huge and is usually the best cure for depression...

Here are some of the things I drooled over:
Spring, Michael Kors


And Mommy was in a GOOD mood:

That's "Daisy" by Marc Jacobs..
She bought me a gift box set, that came with the largest size perfume, a shower gel and lotion.
Which I guess that good mood doesn't mean anything, cause I had to get into a huge fight with her just to borrow the car to go to The Significant's game tonight. And I'm officially not allowed to ask her for the Murano again on the basis of "because I said so".

I need to move out as soon as possible...
Every good turn deserves another though. For all the strife that I have to go through for having no car and I'm not allowed to use the "family" car, is all the strife I'll be now providing for the lack of service. I'm allowed to use it to go get groceries etc. but not allowed to use it for anything pertaining to myself...
Don't worry, I wont be getting groceries or anything else for the family from now on...

Friday, February 22, 2008

Bottom Girl

This entry will be concise...

My cousin and I were going to be in 50 Cent's new video: Bottom Girl
The video shoot is tonight.
All the members of G-Unit will be in the video.
We live in Long Island.
The video is being shot in Connecticut at his mansion.
We have no transportation.
Its about 8 degrees outside.
Theres about 5-9 inches of snow expected and has already fallen in Long Island-let alone Connecticut.
Girls should be on set at 5, makeup/hair will be completed by 7.
It's 5:30.
I'm still in Suffolk County, Long Island.

There's my depressing story.
The End.

Overwhelmed By Genius

This morning, I don't know what happened...But I feel like my head is going to explode in the best way possible. It's an orgasm, but so not an orgasm simultaneously. I'm bursting with thought and ideas and for us creative types, its like us being on crack times FIVE.
...Shout Outs to Amy Winehouse...
Its a tingling running to my toes, and I cannot keep still! I truly hope that whatever is looming on the horizon is something great cause I can't explain this overwhelming feeling.

I joined a community site today..that seems like its just like ME. It also seems like the PERFECT opportunity to network with a community of those wrapped in the same ideals.
Originally, my plan was to be keep everything under wraps, I've noted some individuals biting my style in EVERY sense of the word.

Or should I presume that imitation is the grandest display of flattery??

I can't explain why I feel annoyance as the first emotion as opposed to the response of "Awww! someone is trying to be me and copy me verbatim!" Even more so that its more than ONE individual maybe I'm overwhelmed by the takeover? Am I forming a cult? A band in which I assume myself leader? Or maybe this copy-cat behavior deems me now the role model; in which I CANNOT do and say entirely as I please for fear that the ideas might be misconstrued by those who "look" up to me.

At the same time, I do wish to BE the role model. Not the poster child in pink sprinkling fairy dust but the one of EXPRESSION AND PASSION. You say what you WANT. You only have one life to SAY it all in. The exact reason why I started this blog.

My mentor Nancy noted that whether they agree or disagree,I have a take on life that people pay attention to because of the way its put together. That in combination with not having the best life luck in the world makes for a good read. This isn't a 6-month hobby of mine that I'm going to just drop. I've started something I feel the burn to keep going with until whenever day in the future it finishes. I've been doing school essays for people since junior high school as a trade off to not get my ass kicked. I've been songwriting since 14. Writing in some sense HAS to be a calling. A lot of people are making blogs just for fucks sake. "Oh I wanna be IN son!"

This is not a trend for me. For many, it's the Spring '08 Cavalli.

Individuality is KEY.

And "Keys open doors" my loves.

So to those who bite my style, don't be overwhelmed by my genius, be overwhelmed by your OWN. Use mine as a TUTORIAL as to how to light the fire under your OWN individuality..

I am me, and you can't do a better job than me at being me which makes your plans null,void and pointless.

Nevertheless life depleting, time wasting, energy depleting. Your genius is just as valuable as mine for they are two separate types of genius. And for those who wish to continue to bite my style, now that I've realized that maybe imitation is grand all means continue.

Here's the tingly Astro overview for today: 2/22:
Revelations should be pouring into your mind this morning - courtesy of a mentally-stimulating Pallas-Jupiter 72-degree quintile aspect (7:30AM PST). In mythology, Pallas was said to be the daughter of Jupiter and that she was born full-armored as his brain-child after he experienced a major headache of sorts. All of this actually refers back to the fact that both of these celestial bodies place a great emphasis on intellectual prowess, higher learning, and growth through educational pursuits. Thus, this alignment not only refers to gains that can be made in terms of knowledge accumulation, but to tapping into your innate wisdom and even the treasures that exist on spiritual levels of being. If you are looking for a quick fix or resolution to recent love and money hassles, then you may have to be extra patient. The continuation of Virgo Moon and especially a lunar square to the red planet Mars (6:16PM PST) usually manifests as the necessity to deal with minor problems and hard-to-extinguish, petty annoyances. In addition, this Moon-Mars face-off begins a void lunar cycle that lasts until 11:46PM PST when the Moon enters affable Libra Moon. However, you want to be somewhat cautious and conservative during this 5 hour twilight-zone time-period. Trying to force others to do your bidding is foolish. Being more hermit-like and studious makes sense. Another reason that romance is probably off-limits during the evening hours is that Juno is approaching a dicey contra-parallel to Saturn (exact at 1:43AM PST tomorrow) while Juno also moves into a frictional, 45-degree link to Venus (exact at 4:13PM PST tomorrow). With two discordant Juno alignments on the verge of happening, count your blessings and appreciate all the good things if life coming your way.

"There's a thousand yous theres only one of me"-Kanye West

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Vaginal Neglect 2

And I do own a riding crop whip as seen in this video...
And more importantly, I'm not sorry

Vaginal Neglect

I was discussing with my BFF last night the importance of the vagina...
I was compared to Madonna, in which I find highly entertaining. Vaginal Neglect is serious folks. Sex ain't a crime...
Notice her singing Human Nature by Madonna throughout this great conversation, enjoy.

New Jack (10:35:46 PM): so what the fuck kinda type am i?!?!
My BFF (10:36:15 PM): ummmmm your the exact same except female
My BFF (10:36:26 PM): you’re the "fuck the son while the parents are away"
My BFF (10:36:34 PM): "steal the car while the aunts at church"
My BFF (10:36:46 PM): "get eaten out while your brother is the next door over"
New Jack (10:37:14 PM): LMFAO
New Jack (10:37:19 PM): IM DONE
New Jack (10:37:22 PM): OFFICIALLY
New Jack (10:37:28 PM): done, done, done
New Jack (10:37:47 PM): Niggas wont let me live down trying to get my pussy some play and D having some early view experiences
My BFF (10:38:27 PM): see but thats what were saying..normal people don't take that RISK
My BFF (10:38:43 PM): but wen you're living on the edge like Aerosmith
New Jack (10:39:29 PM): hey if your vagina was begging and someone was willing to listen you wouldn't say no
New Jack (10:39:33 PM): i don't NEGLECT my vagina
New Jack (10:39:35 PM): its my BFF
New Jack (10:39:58 PM): i care for it IMMENSELY as it cares for me, its the epicenter of pleasure in my life
New Jack (10:40:04 PM): therefore it is not NEGLECTED
My BFF (10:40:19 PM): You sound like Madonna
My BFF (10:40:23 PM): EROTICAA
My BFF (10:40:35 PM): *moans and whips myself
My BFF (10:40:46 PM): your poor innocent brother was next DOOR
My BFF (10:40:50 PM): E-ROTIC
New Jack (10:42:35 PM): i dont WHIP myself LMAO
New Jack (10:42:49 PM): Jesus is this what people think of me because i like participating in SEX?
My BFF (10:42:51 PM): hands all over mahh bodyyy
My BFF (10:42:54 PM): eroticccccc
New Jack (10:42:54 PM): I’m not an AMOEBA
New Jack (10:43:01 PM): I’m not Asexual
My BFF (10:43:02 PM): end quote--Madonna
New Jack (10:43:12 PM): I like to have sex with things other than myself
New Jack (10:43:17 PM): well that’s cool too
New Jack (10:43:23 PM): but preferably not with myself
My BFF (10:43:45 PM): *its human natureeeeee,YES Madonna. freedom of sex is ur fifth ammendment and thats totally fine
New Jack (10:44:44 PM): PREFERABLY i like to have sex with SOMEONE cause I’m not under a microscope
New Jack (10:44:51 PM): its more like my first amendment
My BFF (10:44:54 PM): u can live however u choose my dear..but u just enjoy living on the edge thats all
New Jack (10:44:55 PM): then voting
New Jack (10:44:59 PM): speech
New Jack (10:45:22 PM): I'm only gonna live once, and while Montalvo steals DVDs i might as well sleep with someone’s son lmaooo
My BFF (10:46:31 PM): *whispers to track* EXPRESS URSELF DONT REPRESS YOURSELF
New Jack (10:46:53 PM): THATS MY FAVE
New Jack (10:47:05 PM): ITS FUCKING TRUE!!!!!
My BFF (10:47:12 PM): i ADORE madonna..thats why i get along with you so well
My BFF (10:47:20 PM): loud sexual bastards
My BFF (10:47:42 PM): im not mad u express your your thing..ur just a rare breed along with the madonna types
New Jack (10:48:13 PM): thanks for the compliment *whips self*
New Jack (10:48:17 PM): unbelievable........
New Jack (10:50:05 PM): wait till your vagina starts asking you for shit...i told you i dont neglect mine
New Jack (10:50:10 PM): we're too close
New Jack (10:50:16 PM): it seems almost wrong
New Jack (10:50:21 PM): is WRONG
My BFF (10:50:26 PM): LMAOOO
New Jack (10:50:27 PM): its my vagina, and its never done me wrong
New Jack (10:50:53 PM): and its done nothing but provide me happiness and pleasure, outside of once a month aside from that i heed its beck and calls-peeing and sex
My BFF (10:52:58 PM): omg this sounds like a roman philosophical chapter from some ancient book
My BFF (10:53:04 PM): the wonders of cooch
My BFF (10:53:15 PM): you’re out of your minddd i love it
New Jack (10:53:38 PM): im not CRAZY, i think thats why so many women are LOST today, vaginal neglect
New Jack (10:54:13 PM): they sleep w/some retard, when their vaginas are much more valuable and telling them to stop but they do it anyway cause "well hes cute"
New Jack (10:54:15 PM): no...
My BFF (10:54:15 PM): VAGINAL
My BFF (10:54:17 PM): NEGLECT
New Jack (10:54:19 PM): vaginal neglect
My BFF (10:54:56 PM): u NEVER cease to amaze me
My BFF (10:55:00 PM): that is all i will say
My BFF (10:55:01 PM): NEVER
My BFF (10:55:04 PM): NE-VER
My BFF (10:55:05 PM): OMG
My BFF (10:55:09 PM): i cant take it lmaooo
New Jack (10:55:41 PM): no one is stopping you from ignoring YOUR vagina bff...but you'll pay...karma son
New Jack (10:56:06 PM): when you cant get an orgasm 3 years from now and need to go to sex therapy or some shit, dont come asking God and me WHYYYY
New Jack (10:56:35 PM): vaginal neglect will be my answer, if i answer you at all cause i'll expect that you'll look at me and KNOW what I’m thinking therefore making it so i dont have to say anything
My BFF (10:58:25 PM): but thanks anyway carrie
New Jack (10:59:17 PM): which of course i dont advocate random nigga pokings, but just be AWARE of vaginal neglect..listen if its telling you yo, if you cant wait anymore, you gotta make some sacrifices and heed the callings
New Jack (10:59:33 PM): neglect goes with abuse my love
My BFF (11:00:05 PM): OF
My BFF (11:00:06 PM): COURSE
My BFF (11:00:07 PM): DR
My BFF (11:00:08 PM): PHIL
My BFF (11:00:11 PM): you’re WILD
New Jack (11:00:55 PM): I’m HONEST
New Jack (11:01:00 PM): and your VAGINA IS IMPORTANT
New Jack (11:01:08 PM): well..mine is...shit...
My BFF (11:01:33 PM): oh
My BFF (11:01:34 PM): fuck
My BFF (11:01:36 PM): mine is too
My BFF (11:01:45 PM): i love my precious vagina walls
New Jack (11:02:30 PM): speaking of which, i might be indulging in some phone sex
New Jack (11:02:39 PM): so im gonna tell u goodnight from NOW
New Jack (11:03:11 PM): i already had phone sex once today
New Jack (11:03:13 PM): ugh im so bad
New Jack (11:05:18 PM): me and vagina are tellin you deuces, we'll get some icing for you thats wordddd
New Jack (11:05:23 PM): night bffnasty
My BFF (11:05:46 PM): LMAO
My BFF (11:05:52 PM): night Madonnaaaaa

Making The Band Episode 4

Making The Band: Monday, February 18th's: episode 4

Now the reason that I'm posting this on a THURSDAY is because I just watched the replay of this an hour ago..I have NO idea what I was doing on Monday night..Oh yeah..driving back from BROOKLYN at approximately 10 pm missing the entire episode by the time I got back to Long Island, ugh.

I think Aubrey and Donnie do make a perfect Barbie and Ken:

Black kids and the SET UP!This is such black kid behavior...and I LOVE it...

Now as much as I love these broads, who knew they could actually blow??
and Aubrey played Donnie TOO lovely singing what she sung...too lovely..white on white crime..

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

As The World Turns

Paula Abdul's atrocious new video for that song: Dance Like There's No Tomorrow, I'm embarrassed that I'm actually posting this....
Feel free to hurt yourself...

Apparently, no one cares about Xtina's baby? People mag paid mad money and the mag UNDERSOLD..

(courtesy of ChinaDaily)

I just wanted to show these off from Fashion week...
I want this backpack from Marni

And I think I just found a new favorite designer, he's Lebanese

those things are FIERCE..
(courtesy of ChinaView)

Speaking of fierce.....
(ANTM cycle 9 winner: Saleshia)

Here's Tyra's Entertainment Weekly Cover (courtesy of The Pop Culture Junkie)

O...M....G.....Cycle 10 TONIGHT...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Jack's New Hair 2

As promised per last post...
this was done yesterday.....EVERYONE especially my father was disapproving of the non-neat 'fro I was rocking and attempting to gel into ponytails. After rocking the "kimono dragon" look as I described to Deanna, my father chipped in so that my unemployed ass would only have to contribute $55 to the sake of looking human.
I'm really tired of wearing straight hair, as I've become....marked by here's to something new:

Very Aaliyah with waves...I had it sewn in a direction that it would purposely fall over one eye a la Aaliyah and Jessica Rabbit.
I'm kinda shocked at the CLARITY of my new phone's pictures. I still need a very in depth tutorial as to how to work this Palm Treo. I was initially cursing the lack of effects on the pictures etc. in contrast to LG phones which have a SLEW of effects including flash. Treo's apparently do not and are VERY, VERY limited in their picture capabilities just so you know..
But based on those pictures above, not too bad huh?

Stumble Pristina

StumbleUpon: If you haven't joined it yet, please check it out. You can find me at: and friend me. It's a great way to "stumble" on to websites and you can view my list of favorite sites thus far on there.

Pristina Christina: Someone else has caught this disgustingly wonderful disease that I've begun with blogging. My homie for years and YEARS now has made one:
She's a very funky girl and her layout is 800 TIMES BETTER than mine, and looks the way I've been TRYING to get mine since I've opened a blogspot in October. I'm still looking for Photo Shop whiz kids like Christina and web design kids to help me fix this layout. You'll be compensated for your work :)
Christina by the way, unlike myself has African in her blood. African=long hair. Me=Weavalicious, and I'm NOT ashamed. Xtina's hair is crazy nice, I just re-weaved mine yesterday. I actually got it done by an African for the first time and the braids are so tight, I haven't had any facial expressions since 7 o'clock yesterday evening. I don't expect to show signs of any expression anytime soon. Pictures coming soon......

I'm going to learn Photo Shop my damn self, cause I'm tired of relying/reaching out to people and no progress being made with the shit I want to get done. If anyone knows anyone who is SERIOUS, to do some very SIMPLISTIC work let me know...........

Credit this, Credit that: Listen, my credit is royally fucked. I didn't realize how serious the anal bleeding was until I went here: Use TRANS UNION and get a real deal, FREE 30 day viewing of your credit SOUL. I mean, your cards, loans and heres the ULTIMATE cool part. They also tell you who has been REQUESTING your credit checks. Like for example, did you try to open a phone recently and got rejected? They show you the EXACT people that requested a background/credit check and the date they did so. Talk about detail. I've made it clear that I was turning shit around for 2008 and I'm not playing games. My finances are in shambles, but at least now I have a clear view of how fucked I am and now can make a strategy to "attempt" to correct it from there.

Jamaican Charm:
We're still willing to do random birthday orders etc. We got a lot for Valentine's Day and possibly a few pregnancies. We're going to do Easter and Mother's Day orders. I'm going to try and do a cutesy Easter photo shoot, so stay tuned for that...


New Jack

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Angel Lola Luv

I was meaning to post these on V-day, but I was preoccupied
Just more Angel Lola Luv footage:
KING Magazine shoots during 2007:

XXL Eye Candy of the Year 2007:

The Sweetest Thing

I could have detailed my Valentine's weekend sex, but people who read this would rather have something to watch. Here's someone I know from high school in demonstration:

(courtesy of Kalifa Wright)

Now that you know how that went...

I have more to post, including a possible change in mind about babies...
I have a piercing headache after doing so much this entire weekend, I intended to recover today. Obviously not when other peoples alarms went off at 5:15 am on a Sunday, including a 7:20 scream, another 9 oclock scream and then a slew of house phone calls. I gotta take something for this headache before I have an aneurysm....

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bootz For Your Entertainment

Does this outfit look...familiar?


I mean does it?
I mean, the only discovery aside from the outfit is the fun fact we wear the same bra size, which could probably be evident...

...That was a funny "stumbleupon"

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shout Outs

One of my readers used the PLUGOO on the sidebar for its actual purpose :)
After a draining evening, I didn't really return to my AIM until minutes to 2 a.m. and it was nice to just see this: "if he aint happy, he's the gayest bastard on earth"
This is for you:

Hopefully, you were a Giants fan...

I have the best supporters, in the world!
As much as I started this blog for my own sanity, its become for you guys too! Its so nice to know you can just run your mouth about your life and the retarded things in it and that people are willing to listen. I have some faithful readers in Japan! Which is the craziest thing to me EVER! California, New Jersey, ATL, England, Australia, Brazil, Connecticut, all over my beloved NEW YORK-especially BROOKLYN! All over!

I was supposed to be in Brooklyn today actually, but if you're a New Yorker, I'm pretty sure you're aware of the snow that is falling like a biatch outside. So that quickly became a no go. I'M SO OVER WINTER!

Can my faithful Cali readers combine funds and mail me a plane ticket?!
Ok, also after some real fat kid talk from LibraDreamer, I'm going to work up the goddamn nerve to be focused and try and get back to the thing I truly loathe: exercising and a treadmill. Someone come up with something FUN please cause the pain of crunches and sweating on a treadmill is far from entertaining in my eyes.
Any women needing any workout inspiration? Feast your eyes on this....and then you gentlemen can have something to ummm, have extracurricular activities with.. alone, ahem...yeah..

[photos: angel lola & KING magazine December 2007 eye candy of the year]
I want to do a black and white shot just like that last one.
Its fierce.
So enjoy the motivation and ummm, jerk contribution...I have some resumes to edit, I have an interview on Thursday!

Monday, February 11, 2008


Analyzing more photos from the shoot, that I obviously have not posted, I am displeased. I took over 100 shots and the photographer has only posted about 5 out of the 100. The ones posted aren't even the ones I expressed to be favorites of mine.

Seeing the "new" material its broken me slightly...well, slightly is a lie. I definitely need to get my hands on a personal trainer of some sort I believe because I haven't executed the discipline to get this shit done on my own. I get very frustrated by the lack of progress my body has made when I try so hard. This then results in me eating to comfort myself in the aggravation, leaving me only more upset when the weight continues to stay put. I think hes still working on some things and hopefully I'll be getting all the pictures soon. I trust him.

Why is it that women, the ones that our disgusting society FORCES to look good had to be "blessed" with our metabolisms shutting down at age 20? Make sense? Cause my non functioning metabolism and hypoglycemia combo is NOT fierce in my eyes.
I'm going to stuff my face with Jamaican Charm ease some of the depression...or further it...

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Jamaican Charm Pricing

Jamaican Charm Pricing!

$30 Packages-3 types

A. 2 mini cakes, rose, candle, 2 truffles, non alcohol drink, 2 wine/martini glasses

B. Small Jamaican wine, 2 mini cake, rose, candle, 2 truffles,2 wine/martini glasses

C. Bear w/6 truffles, 1 big cake, rose, candle

**truffles are assorted: brandy cherry, tia-maria coffee and rum creme

$40 Package
2 mini cakes, 1 small rum crème, 2 wine/martini glasses, rose, candle, 2 truffles

$60 Package
1 large rum crème, 1 large brandy glass, 2 mini cakes, treats, rose, candle, Love CD, 5 truffles

Everglo Exclusive Package: $100
1 Everglo, 1 large martini glass, or 2 small martini glasses, 3-4 cakes, rose, candle, CD, treats,6 truffles- w/stuffed animal add $25

Special! $10: Cup of assorted truffles (8 truffles).
Special! Large cake (approx 9 inches) $30.

$8 delivery elsewhere

Happy V-Day :)

Friday, February 8, 2008


I'm not sure.........
I'm really not to sure.....

Jamaican Charm Orders

Please remember!
You can hit me up on the PLUGOO in the right hand sidebar to talk to me directly OR send your orders to

We send: Rum Creme liquor, Champagne or Wine with your cake or truffle order.
Brandy Red Velvet Cake!

Coconut Rum Cake!
**Everglo exclusive!!-Vodka&Tequila MIX with Ginseng! Super Deluxe Everglo package photos coming soon! By SPECIAL request ONLY.
I made this clip! Don't you LOVE this doll...cmon, the blunt is enough in itself

The Space Between

I'm aware of what is about to become the relative distance created between myself and other people, especially between my "best friend" and I. Things are so hard to express; nothing has been free flowing this month thus far with me verbally. Though in my brain, things are crystal. I shouldn't have been surprised knowing that Mercury the planet of communication has gone back into retrograde. Which at this point, is just getting on my last fucking nerves. It just seems like Mercury thinks its all good to be forward moving for three months and then backwards for six. Therefore, all initial progress is halted and then retreated. I'm used to the Mercury retrograde affecting me as an Aries. Even when I'm not directly aware of its happenings, I feel the symptoms of it.

Right now I feel myself pulling into a state of seclusion that is set to those outside of family. I only want to be around my family and very,VERY few outside of them do I want to currently interact with. Especially with all the recent happenings and drama with so many people I just do not feel the need to argue. I just want to relax. I say what I feel I need to say, if anything and then go on to handling issues of more importance. For those who are outside of family, I'm very,very aware and observant of their actions and so many that I call friends I'm realizing the title holds no weight. There is an obvious, if not to them, to me, space between us that keeps two people from being "associates", "acquaintances" and then "friends", "family","ride or die" etc.
Being aware of this, several individuals are going on my mental chopping block. I'm pretty sure with there not being much substance to the relationship otherwise, that they probably won't notice.

The Space Between in some instances is becoming so great that I'm not sure if its even worth attempting to fix. I've noticed "replacements" or "body doubles" of myself used as, placeholders if you will. Instead of deepening the friendship with me, people saw it fit to just replace me with others. If that is their choice, who am I to interfere but the friend left behind, right?

I feel a hardness developing over my heart. I'm not sure if I should refer to it as a callousness, but I feel something washing over me that is putting me in a state of protection of myself. I've been left behind by friends before, I'll be left behind now, and I'll be left behind in the future. Therefore, I'm not feeling the need for an extraordinary effort into things that are not giving me a signal that they're not made to last. Linette has told me repeatedly that I've changed. I haven't changed, I've just become more aware of my surroundings. Being aware of certain things, and taking precautions do not change the core and essence of your being.

For us humans must adapt in different situations in order to survive.

I have explained that I am indeed looking deeper into a more paleolithic lifestyle and in doing so, things are becoming easier in my brain. There is so much clarity. Things I used to pretend not to see about people are relatively clearer. As a paleolithic lifestyle would entail, going back to more simplistic ideals, it is common sense to adapt in order to survive and I thoroughly intend to do so.

Though my core has not and never will change, for anyone who agrees with her that it has always remember you hold a choice, to love me or leave me alone.
Once that choice is made, they'll be no space in between that.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Jamaican Charm

Remember I was telling you about Jamaican Charm?
The New Jack is selling these!!!

Jamaican Charm
We make gourmet cakes and truffles for holidays and occasions. Packaged to delight with roses, candles our various Valentine’s Baskets include:
  • Rum Cream Liquor
  • Brandy-Cherry chocolate truffles
  • Rum Crème liquor truffles
  • “Tia Maria” coffee liquor truffles
  • Blue Mountain Coffee
  • Heart shaped cakes in the style of: Brandy Red Velvet, Coconut Rum, Golden Rum Pound, Traditional Rum (Black) Cake
  • Plush animal extra, all beginning at $30 &up. SPECIAL! $10 CUP OF TRUFFLES!
Everglo Special!

Coconut Rum Cake!

For more info:
or, hit The New Jack on the Plugoo in the right side bar!

E! News

Keeping Up with The Kardashian season 2 premieres in March:

Victoria"s Secret on E!

New: Girls Next Door-they're going to my place, Jamaica!

Hello Brooklyn

Brooklyn was nice yesterday.....

I spent my day in Brooklyn yesterday working on two business ventures. One of the family and then a photo shoot.

Jamaican Charm is the venture of the family. Pictures will be up soon. We make gourmet desserts for holidays and occasions. They're filled with special liquors, so come taste something REAL sweet! My favorite, are the Heart chocolates for Valentines day, filled with Brandy and cherries! If you're trying to get someone drunk for Valentine's Day or just give a little spicier of gift to a friend or family member you will be in for a real treat. I can't wait to put up the pictures for you guys to see what our cakes and chocolates for Valentine's Day come with. If you're interested in getting more information directly from ME or even placing an order, hit up the PLUGOO in the sidebar. That will enable you to talk to me directly via instant messenger!

After doing some Jamaican Charm work, which thoroughly involved getting drunk from Brandy filled chocolates, Coconut rum cakes, Rum cream this, and Tia Maria that, I swerved over to Eastern Parkway. I did a shoot in a tiny studio a block away from Broadway Junction. I did only two outfits, something to celebrate the Giants super bowl win and something for Valentine's Day. I do severely need a personal trainer, cause when left to me I do not possess the patience to continuously do the work. I mean, whens the last time you've seen an entry about Tae-Bo in this thing?

I wasn't too pleased with myself.
I felt as if I couldn't turn it "on" during the shoot. It was noticeable too. I have absolutely NO idea why it wasn't turning "on" or what was wrong! I wasn't upset about anything, I wasn't nervous, nada. I did somehow pull of some decent shots, but truly I'm not sure of anything that was utter greatness.

Pictures coming soon, you'll be the judge for yourself.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Mr A-Z


Fuse did a EXCELLENT Sundance Film Festival special at 7pm tonight where Jason Mraz, Michelle Branch and 9 others performed. Naturally, the ONLY thing I cared about was Jason. OMG, I was shaking as I watched.

I'm saving every
dime from this point forward cause I'm GOING to see Jason as soon as he starts doing concerts in the U.S. and hopefully he'll perform The Today show or on Good Morning America this summer for their annual summer concert series.

The fucked up mood I was in concerning friends this morning is NO longer of concern for the moment, New Jason fixes everything...........

Let's Talk About Adulthood

I get it now....
I'm in the Twilight Zone...
In which everyones main agenda, is to severely:
a. piss me off

b. raise my blood pressure

c. induce a stroke/heart attack/brain aneurysm
d. all of the above

Getting OLDER, doesn't mean rising on the level of retardation! Things like this make me want to SHANK everyone. I am analyzing that close friends of mine already at the age of 25 and upwards see it fit to not move forward, but backwards.
If you're going to SAY something, put the ACTIONS behind it. It truly, truly once the application is applied is NOT as difficult as one may think it is. Out of fear, you might see it fit to say one thing and then days later act completely against those words and your mind might be telling you: "This is the perfect way to avoid a confrontation..".

Trust me, you didn't evade anything, you only started a war.

If you said something that maybe was said hastily or you did not "mean" that's fine too! Just SAY SO, so that the others involved understand that maybe you didn't fully understand the meaning behind what you might have said.

We're all adults, and that for a lot of us might just be a scary thing to handle. That's ok. It's OK to be scared, but remember you can ALWAYS start slowly, but you've got to start SOMEWHERE...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Save Me From Myself

Found this Christina Aguilera video randomly, for the song "Save Me From Myself". It's on her Back to Basics album and who knew this just might be the next single. Not what I would've chose, but kudos to her and her happiness.

I wish my grandmother was still alive to save me from myself...

Concisely Put

"He walks away,
The sun goes down,
He takes the day but I'm grown,
And in this grey, in this blue shade
My tears dry on their own"-Amy Winehouse

This has no regards to The Significant. This is in regards to people. Concisely put, this is the year 2008. I am about my business. I'm about making so much that I have planned out come true for myself. Friend or foe, and mainly friend, if you cause me grief and aggravation you will be temporarily cast aside. If the aggravation continues and you become labeled as a negative force in my life, my tears will dry on their own.

I do not possess any patience to give any explanations to anything whatsoever. I feel like I've made ALL my points already. There are no further discussions to be had.

The excuses that people are giving me for things, I don't want to hear it. The annoyances that are being provided, I refuse to deal with. I will take note of where I believe I stand with you and that will be it until further notice.

Simply put, this is the year 2008 and things are going to be different for the better and for good, you can stand with me or not stand next to me at all.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Counting Chickens

There is indeed a saying that I think everyone knows: "Don't count your chickens before they hatch".
I certainly did.

Chipper and ready to correct my life, I bounced into Manhattan on a mission to collect my check. Of course, I factored in what I believed to be the proper amount of taxes deducted from me, and with a gross of $560, the government saw it fit to remove nearly $200 from my check. I envision they are enjoying that money as we speak. I was FAR from prepared to lose that much from my check and it completely set me back. All the plans I had devised, of things I was going to get done certainly is not going to happen as planned.

I got my new Treo phone in the mail on Wednesday, a purchase that I wasn't planning to make on this check until the VX9800 saw this time fit to die. Between reimbursing the $150 I borrowed for my phone/weave removal; paying Verizon only $90 out of $160 and paying a portion of my civil suit, I'm pretty much almost at square one. I put $25 as opposed to $50 in my new Wamu savings account, bought a peak LIRR ticket home and have whats left in my account to purchase necessities: lotion etc. I look into my wallet to find under $30.

I certainly counted chickens. I must be doing a lot of that this week.

I had an EXTREMELY in depth and moving conversation with Deanna till after 3 a.m. last night after The Significant left my house. It was about the sudden realization that we both feel counting chickens in regards to friendships. You may assume you have certain friends and then you realize by their actions that you maybe might not. This was a heavy discussion of the "group" that we're currently apart of. All I'm going to say is, I got a new phone and Verizon cannot transfer the contacts over because its a Smartphone; if you know that you haven't texted me or called me in remotely one week, your number is NOT in my phone and it will remain that way until I am contacted and then save your number. It says A LOT when you don't hear from people you should in that time frame. Then again, I'm simply tackling all of this by not adding contacts to my phone. Both Deanna and I feel like we're counting chickens in various aspects. Out of that group, Deanna seemingly must be the only one who is aware that my phone broke last weekend; has been the only one to make ANY form of contact (AIM, Facebook, Myspace, text, voicemail); has been the only one to make it a priority to know when my phone would be back on and has been the only one to contact me since the phone recovery on Wednesday. I don't think I need to say anything more cause actions say it ALL.

In this discussion we realized the insecurities of other people we know, outside of the clan. When you think you know people from the past and you see the insecurities mask them over as they transform into something they're not for the sole purpose of wearing a mask. Despite the current disappointment and discontent that Deanna and I both are experiencing with our group, one thing is fact. WE ARE OUR OWN PEOPLE. When things are good with me and the group, they ENHANCE who I am because they're my FRIENDS. Friends should never DETER from who you are, what you stand for and make you something you are NOT. That is not part of the point of friendships. If you don't know who you are at this stage of the game, I'm willing to assist you just to be a GOOD person. Do NOT hire personal lackeys to surround you and tell you how fabulous you are.

C'mon son...
Looks like all the chickens have hatched....