Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Did this just for hell's sake in Zimbio yesterday:
Zimbio Cover
(Danity Kane cover-credit New Jack)

They're a site that does "wiki-based magazines". I'm thinking hard about creating a New Jack one but I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to tailor it as yet.
Everything in this life is about doing it yourself...
No one is going to hand you ANYTHING, and after being unemployed for so long I'm really starting to see that point...

More DK news...
Getting hold of some tracks that I'm leaking from the Welcome To The Dollhouse album. One of them (of course) has Weezy (aka Lil Wayne if you're brain dead) on the track..
That track is called "Phase"; hopefully I'll be posting those tracks in an hour or two..

Ok, for those who may not want to view this blog in all the "bells&whistles" maybe because you're viewing it on a CELL PHONE browser you can go to a simple version of this blog which has been running for awhile via FeedBurner
"My feeds drop it like it's hot"
Can I just say...I don't know if my blog is that interesting besides the fact that I'm writing about what I LIKE but my subscriptions just shot up like whoa!

I <3>

Paris Fashion:
Jeremy're a G...

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