Monday, February 4, 2008

Let's Talk About Adulthood

I get it now....
I'm in the Twilight Zone...
In which everyones main agenda, is to severely:
a. piss me off

b. raise my blood pressure

c. induce a stroke/heart attack/brain aneurysm
d. all of the above

Getting OLDER, doesn't mean rising on the level of retardation! Things like this make me want to SHANK everyone. I am analyzing that close friends of mine already at the age of 25 and upwards see it fit to not move forward, but backwards.
If you're going to SAY something, put the ACTIONS behind it. It truly, truly once the application is applied is NOT as difficult as one may think it is. Out of fear, you might see it fit to say one thing and then days later act completely against those words and your mind might be telling you: "This is the perfect way to avoid a confrontation..".

Trust me, you didn't evade anything, you only started a war.

If you said something that maybe was said hastily or you did not "mean" that's fine too! Just SAY SO, so that the others involved understand that maybe you didn't fully understand the meaning behind what you might have said.

We're all adults, and that for a lot of us might just be a scary thing to handle. That's ok. It's OK to be scared, but remember you can ALWAYS start slowly, but you've got to start SOMEWHERE...

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