Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Jack's New Hair 2

As promised per last post...
this was done yesterday.....EVERYONE especially my father was disapproving of the non-neat 'fro I was rocking and attempting to gel into ponytails. After rocking the "kimono dragon" look as I described to Deanna, my father chipped in so that my unemployed ass would only have to contribute $55 to the sake of looking human.
I'm really tired of wearing straight hair, as I've become....marked by it...so here's to something new:

Very Aaliyah with waves...I had it sewn in a direction that it would purposely fall over one eye a la Aaliyah and Jessica Rabbit.
I'm kinda shocked at the CLARITY of my new phone's pictures. I still need a very in depth tutorial as to how to work this Palm Treo. I was initially cursing the lack of effects on the pictures etc. in contrast to LG phones which have a SLEW of effects including flash. Treo's apparently do not and are VERY, VERY limited in their picture capabilities just so you know..
But based on those pictures above, not too bad huh?

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prissy ass Christina said...

The new pics are too cayute!!! The 1st and the 4th especially, good shit.