Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shopping Prozac

These last couple days have been weird in swing. I wake in the morning, great mood all is fine and fabulous and then in the late afternoon, evenings my mood suddenly snaps and I'm very unhappy. Most of the last couple days have been cause-effect unhappiness. Arguing with the younger sibling, monetary woes etc.

Yesterday, I last minute convinced my mother to head out to Roosevelt Field mall which is huge and is usually the best cure for depression...

Here are some of the things I drooled over:
Spring, Michael Kors


And Mommy was in a GOOD mood:

That's "Daisy" by Marc Jacobs..
She bought me a gift box set, that came with the largest size perfume, a shower gel and lotion.
Which I guess that good mood doesn't mean anything, cause I had to get into a huge fight with her just to borrow the car to go to The Significant's game tonight. And I'm officially not allowed to ask her for the Murano again on the basis of "because I said so".

I need to move out as soon as possible...
Every good turn deserves another though. For all the strife that I have to go through for having no car and I'm not allowed to use the "family" car, is all the strife I'll be now providing for the lack of service. I'm allowed to use it to go get groceries etc. but not allowed to use it for anything pertaining to myself...
Don't worry, I wont be getting groceries or anything else for the family from now on...

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Libradreamer925 said...

parents are interesting and the funny thing is we might be that way w our kids too. i love the whole, "Do as i say not what i do." or the usual "because i said so" sometimes its like parents want you to be an adult when its convienient for them and a child when they want u2b a child. mostly cause they know until it's been proven u can't survive w/o them