Friday, February 29, 2008

Always HBIC

I'm in a relaxed mood so I'm taking to addressing everything in a quite subtle manner. AGAIN, just as was posted in Overwhelmed By Genius the point is being proven furthermore, as yet another joins the blogspot for the simple sake of trendiness. I swear, people are trying to make this the new, Live Journal and it disgusts me.
The minute you try to do something, why is it necessary for everyone to hop on, therefore REDUCING the originality, uniqueness and credibility as to what you started as your own.

I give up.

There's unfortunately nothing you can do in this world innovatively over the internet that people cannot "bite" off of because they do not possess their own...genius.

I'm over imitation being flattery. *sigh*
I do want to shank people now.

Nonetheless, as stated earlier, I'm in higher spirits.
I spent the entire day and night and morning with The Significant after what was coming close again to another two-week separation. We had a great time. It made me just think about how ridiculous I was to have been with my ex for so, so long with him being so unable to accept me for who I am. I belittled myself as much as he did me, by ALLOWING him to not accept me and make me feel guilty about WHO I am. A mistake NEVER to be made again. The little things that are shown like that from The Significant, the ability to not only appreciate but the desire to INDULGE in who I am reminds me of the mistake over and over. It makes me appreciate him more as much as I scold myself for stupidity on the behalf of my ex. Foolish I am no more, for I'll never be brain dead enough to return to that type of relationship...

My high spirits continue, and I hope as planned as my weekend is thoroughly mapped out. Nikki is coming from Connecticut tonight to be with me and its sounding like we're about to have a huge gala. Me, her, The Significant, his cousins, my Bff and other girlfriend counterparts. It's already adding up to 3 cars of people. This will result in, LOTS of pictures, LOTS of liquor, a TONS of laughs.
I actually just found out kinda how to work the Camcorder part of my Treo and it gives me I believe 30 minutes total-can you imagine if I had a memory card? I'm going to be making a very chopped and screwed video of our night. I'll be my first of reality tv, so I'm sure it'll be sloppy but you should love it anyway :)

I will most certainly be unreachable after 8pm unless you're one of the accompanying parties. I hope my lackeys enjoy trying to be better than me at being me...
Most people must have forgotten...


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