Friday, February 29, 2008

Once A Killer...

Now let me make this very clear...
I do not find Ashanti as an attractive woman..and I do see a shank being carved based on that statement..
I worse so, do not believe Ashanti can sing. Sometimes it's very painful..
Not NEARLY as painful as watching the woman tells us she's "DANCING", cause that is worse so painful..

Nonetheless, I do like the majority of her videos. She always has some semi-fierce hair that I need to analyze. Very Beyonce-ish in her attempts to wear gowns. And as much as she cannot sing, she has some sickeningly catchy songs despite the lack of talent. (See dictionary: Cassie)

I just like this damn video, A LOT:

People need to just stop CHEATING and just tell other people they don't want to be with them anymore. Jesus.

This is why shanking is becoming worldwide..

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