Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shout Outs

One of my readers used the PLUGOO on the sidebar for its actual purpose :)
After a draining evening, I didn't really return to my AIM until minutes to 2 a.m. and it was nice to just see this: "if he aint happy, he's the gayest bastard on earth"
This is for you:

Hopefully, you were a Giants fan...

I have the best supporters, in the world!
As much as I started this blog for my own sanity, its become for you guys too! Its so nice to know you can just run your mouth about your life and the retarded things in it and that people are willing to listen. I have some faithful readers in Japan! Which is the craziest thing to me EVER! California, New Jersey, ATL, England, Australia, Brazil, Connecticut, all over my beloved NEW YORK-especially BROOKLYN! All over!

I was supposed to be in Brooklyn today actually, but if you're a New Yorker, I'm pretty sure you're aware of the snow that is falling like a biatch outside. So that quickly became a no go. I'M SO OVER WINTER!

Can my faithful Cali readers combine funds and mail me a plane ticket?!
Ok, also after some real fat kid talk from LibraDreamer, I'm going to work up the goddamn nerve to be focused and try and get back to the thing I truly loathe: exercising and a treadmill. Someone come up with something FUN please cause the pain of crunches and sweating on a treadmill is far from entertaining in my eyes.
Any women needing any workout inspiration? Feast your eyes on this....and then you gentlemen can have something to ummm, have extracurricular activities with.. alone, ahem...yeah..

[photos: angel lola luv-myspace.com & KING magazine December 2007 eye candy of the year]
I want to do a black and white shot just like that last one.
Its fierce.
So enjoy the motivation and ummm, jerk contribution...I have some resumes to edit, I have an interview on Thursday!


Jax Poetic said...

d00d...ddr my nig. ik u got a playstation. i do it hr, hr and a half a day...sans weekends. it gets the job done, the music is fun, upbeat, keeps me going & i turn it into mini dance moves ^_^.

*side note - i am in. love. with the Giants pic. Hate the giants, love the pic.

Libradreamer925 said...

you got ddr...walking...portion control...drink lots of water...if you must drink juice do the nakeds expensive but yummy any filling. you have lots of options don't give up b4 you start