Friday, February 22, 2008

Overwhelmed By Genius

This morning, I don't know what happened...But I feel like my head is going to explode in the best way possible. It's an orgasm, but so not an orgasm simultaneously. I'm bursting with thought and ideas and for us creative types, its like us being on crack times FIVE.
...Shout Outs to Amy Winehouse...
Its a tingling running to my toes, and I cannot keep still! I truly hope that whatever is looming on the horizon is something great cause I can't explain this overwhelming feeling.

I joined a community site today..that seems like its just like ME. It also seems like the PERFECT opportunity to network with a community of those wrapped in the same ideals.
Originally, my plan was to be keep everything under wraps, I've noted some individuals biting my style in EVERY sense of the word.

Or should I presume that imitation is the grandest display of flattery??

I can't explain why I feel annoyance as the first emotion as opposed to the response of "Awww! someone is trying to be me and copy me verbatim!" Even more so that its more than ONE individual maybe I'm overwhelmed by the takeover? Am I forming a cult? A band in which I assume myself leader? Or maybe this copy-cat behavior deems me now the role model; in which I CANNOT do and say entirely as I please for fear that the ideas might be misconstrued by those who "look" up to me.

At the same time, I do wish to BE the role model. Not the poster child in pink sprinkling fairy dust but the one of EXPRESSION AND PASSION. You say what you WANT. You only have one life to SAY it all in. The exact reason why I started this blog.

My mentor Nancy noted that whether they agree or disagree,I have a take on life that people pay attention to because of the way its put together. That in combination with not having the best life luck in the world makes for a good read. This isn't a 6-month hobby of mine that I'm going to just drop. I've started something I feel the burn to keep going with until whenever day in the future it finishes. I've been doing school essays for people since junior high school as a trade off to not get my ass kicked. I've been songwriting since 14. Writing in some sense HAS to be a calling. A lot of people are making blogs just for fucks sake. "Oh I wanna be IN son!"

This is not a trend for me. For many, it's the Spring '08 Cavalli.

Individuality is KEY.

And "Keys open doors" my loves.

So to those who bite my style, don't be overwhelmed by my genius, be overwhelmed by your OWN. Use mine as a TUTORIAL as to how to light the fire under your OWN individuality..

I am me, and you can't do a better job than me at being me which makes your plans null,void and pointless.

Nevertheless life depleting, time wasting, energy depleting. Your genius is just as valuable as mine for they are two separate types of genius. And for those who wish to continue to bite my style, now that I've realized that maybe imitation is grand all means continue.

Here's the tingly Astro overview for today: 2/22:
Revelations should be pouring into your mind this morning - courtesy of a mentally-stimulating Pallas-Jupiter 72-degree quintile aspect (7:30AM PST). In mythology, Pallas was said to be the daughter of Jupiter and that she was born full-armored as his brain-child after he experienced a major headache of sorts. All of this actually refers back to the fact that both of these celestial bodies place a great emphasis on intellectual prowess, higher learning, and growth through educational pursuits. Thus, this alignment not only refers to gains that can be made in terms of knowledge accumulation, but to tapping into your innate wisdom and even the treasures that exist on spiritual levels of being. If you are looking for a quick fix or resolution to recent love and money hassles, then you may have to be extra patient. The continuation of Virgo Moon and especially a lunar square to the red planet Mars (6:16PM PST) usually manifests as the necessity to deal with minor problems and hard-to-extinguish, petty annoyances. In addition, this Moon-Mars face-off begins a void lunar cycle that lasts until 11:46PM PST when the Moon enters affable Libra Moon. However, you want to be somewhat cautious and conservative during this 5 hour twilight-zone time-period. Trying to force others to do your bidding is foolish. Being more hermit-like and studious makes sense. Another reason that romance is probably off-limits during the evening hours is that Juno is approaching a dicey contra-parallel to Saturn (exact at 1:43AM PST tomorrow) while Juno also moves into a frictional, 45-degree link to Venus (exact at 4:13PM PST tomorrow). With two discordant Juno alignments on the verge of happening, count your blessings and appreciate all the good things if life coming your way.

"There's a thousand yous theres only one of me"-Kanye West


Libradreamer925 said...

imitation is nice but a straight duplicate is upsetting to the soul. it's especially upsetting if the copy doesn't have the same passion for wut they're imitating. it shakes you when the person that's doing the copying has no valid answer when asked why do u like this style or why do u like this flavor etc etc... originality is soo much sexier than a follower. there's the box ...avoid it

prissy ass Christina said...

I personally think direct immitation is effin annoying. Its like, 'c'mon you couldn't think of doing something a little bit different?' I have always been annoyed by people trying to bite something that I may have done, I have no patience for it lolz. Thats why I'm glad I don't have a twin lolz.

Blackrabbit14 said...

well Christina, you're being black with no tolerance lmao god help you if you did have a twin..
but yeah, to both of you, I'm really really unsure as to whether I should be flattered or...concerned