Monday, February 11, 2008


Analyzing more photos from the shoot, that I obviously have not posted, I am displeased. I took over 100 shots and the photographer has only posted about 5 out of the 100. The ones posted aren't even the ones I expressed to be favorites of mine.

Seeing the "new" material its broken me slightly...well, slightly is a lie. I definitely need to get my hands on a personal trainer of some sort I believe because I haven't executed the discipline to get this shit done on my own. I get very frustrated by the lack of progress my body has made when I try so hard. This then results in me eating to comfort myself in the aggravation, leaving me only more upset when the weight continues to stay put. I think hes still working on some things and hopefully I'll be getting all the pictures soon. I trust him.

Why is it that women, the ones that our disgusting society FORCES to look good had to be "blessed" with our metabolisms shutting down at age 20? Make sense? Cause my non functioning metabolism and hypoglycemia combo is NOT fierce in my eyes.
I'm going to stuff my face with Jamaican Charm ease some of the depression...or further it...

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Munchkin said...

Well one thing u have to make yourself realize is that you won't get results overnight. If you want it, you have to work at it regularly. And another thing, don't use food as a comfort because as you know it'll just make things worse for you and you will have a true problem on your hands. You are fierce, you just have to keep believing it yourself.