Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stumble Pristina

StumbleUpon: If you haven't joined it yet, please check it out. You can find me at: http://newjack14.stumbleupon.com and friend me. It's a great way to "stumble" on to websites and you can view my list of favorite sites thus far on there.

Pristina Christina: Someone else has caught this disgustingly wonderful disease that I've begun with blogging. My homie for years and YEARS now has made one: http://pristinachristina.blogspot.com/
She's a very funky girl and her layout is 800 TIMES BETTER than mine, and looks the way I've been TRYING to get mine since I've opened a blogspot in October. I'm still looking for Photo Shop whiz kids like Christina and web design kids to help me fix this layout. You'll be compensated for your work :)
Christina by the way, unlike myself has African in her blood. African=long hair. Me=Weavalicious, and I'm NOT ashamed. Xtina's hair is crazy nice, I just re-weaved mine yesterday. I actually got it done by an African for the first time and the braids are so tight, I haven't had any facial expressions since 7 o'clock yesterday evening. I don't expect to show signs of any expression anytime soon. Pictures coming soon......

I'm going to learn Photo Shop my damn self, cause I'm tired of relying/reaching out to people and no progress being made with the shit I want to get done. If anyone knows anyone who is SERIOUS, to do some very SIMPLISTIC work let me know...........

Credit this, Credit that: Listen, my credit is royally fucked. I didn't realize how serious the anal bleeding was until I went here: http://www.annualcreditreport.com. Use TRANS UNION and get a real deal, FREE 30 day viewing of your credit SOUL. I mean, your cards, loans and heres the ULTIMATE cool part. They also tell you who has been REQUESTING your credit checks. Like for example, did you try to open a phone recently and got rejected? They show you the EXACT people that requested a background/credit check and the date they did so. Talk about detail. I've made it clear that I was turning shit around for 2008 and I'm not playing games. My finances are in shambles, but at least now I have a clear view of how fucked I am and now can make a strategy to "attempt" to correct it from there.

Jamaican Charm:
We're still willing to do random birthday orders etc. We got a lot for Valentine's Day and possibly a few pregnancies. We're going to do Easter and Mother's Day orders. I'm going to try and do a cutesy Easter photo shoot, so stay tuned for that...


New Jack

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prissy ass Christina said...

Lolz thanxz hunnie. My hair isn't that long, silly. If you had any questions about the template stuff hit me up biotch.