Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hello Brooklyn

Brooklyn was nice yesterday.....

I spent my day in Brooklyn yesterday working on two business ventures. One of the family and then a photo shoot.

Jamaican Charm is the venture of the family. Pictures will be up soon. We make gourmet desserts for holidays and occasions. They're filled with special liquors, so come taste something REAL sweet! My favorite, are the Heart chocolates for Valentines day, filled with Brandy and cherries! If you're trying to get someone drunk for Valentine's Day or just give a little spicier of gift to a friend or family member you will be in for a real treat. I can't wait to put up the pictures for you guys to see what our cakes and chocolates for Valentine's Day come with. If you're interested in getting more information directly from ME or even placing an order, hit up the PLUGOO in the sidebar. That will enable you to talk to me directly via instant messenger!

After doing some Jamaican Charm work, which thoroughly involved getting drunk from Brandy filled chocolates, Coconut rum cakes, Rum cream this, and Tia Maria that, I swerved over to Eastern Parkway. I did a shoot in a tiny studio a block away from Broadway Junction. I did only two outfits, something to celebrate the Giants super bowl win and something for Valentine's Day. I do severely need a personal trainer, cause when left to me I do not possess the patience to continuously do the work. I mean, whens the last time you've seen an entry about Tae-Bo in this thing?

I wasn't too pleased with myself.
I felt as if I couldn't turn it "on" during the shoot. It was noticeable too. I have absolutely NO idea why it wasn't turning "on" or what was wrong! I wasn't upset about anything, I wasn't nervous, nada. I did somehow pull of some decent shots, but truly I'm not sure of anything that was utter greatness.

Pictures coming soon, you'll be the judge for yourself.

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