Monday, July 28, 2008

13 Steps to STEP IT UP

A lot of my friends are having problems with this as I'm observing as of late...especially, My Ex, who I've been speaking to recently...

I came across two articles that maybe, everyone should take a look at...

13 Steps to be Productive

Ever wonder why some people are so productive all of the time while other people never accomplish anything?
Most of us assume it is because of intelligence, wealth, family, friends, luck, or education. Those are not correct.
The key of productivity is about having goals, making plans, and having diligence. And the only way to achieve any of these productivity methods is by having effective habits.

So, here are a few tips on how to be more productive.

  1. GOALS: Have goals in life. Always strive to accomplish something.

  2. ORGANIZE: Create a plan for each goal. Itemize each plan with a list of tasks.

  3. PRIORITIZE: Determine the importance of each goal and each task, include when each task needs to be completed and in what order. Also consider which tasks are not really important and can be removed.

  4. SCHEDULE: For each plan, create a schedule with when each task should start and finish. This means doing the first task first, the second task second, etc. Managing time is extremely critical, since it is the biggest productivity obstacle.

  5. BE FLEXIBLE: Be prepared to re-prioritize and re-schedule each task on a moment’s notice. A previously less important task can suddenly become more important. Know when to stop working on a task, even though the task may not be finished. Don’t get upset or mull changes for too long. Being flexible is personally very hard for me.

  6. BE PROACTIVE: Take responsibility and seize control of each task. Actively start working on each task according to the schedule. Proactively seek out solutions to problems. Being reactive slows down productivity, so find and resolve issues before they are major problems.

  7. ASSISTANCE: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Delegate when possible.

  8. GOAL ORIENTED: Begin, throughout, and end each task with the goal in mind. Be open to discoveries during a task that may affect other tasks, the entire plan, or a goal. See Tip #5.

  9. COMMITMENTS: Make and keep commitments, especially to ourselves.

  10. UNDERSTANDING: We seldom reach our goals alone, so we must understand the goals and desires of other people in order to achieve personal goals. So, empathically listen to others, think about what they say, and finally discuss tasks and issues to truly understand any potential obstacles that could affect productivity. Not having a clear understanding with other people is personally one of my biggest time wasters.

  11. SYNERGY: When dealing with other people, cooperate to build on each individual’s strengths and compliment each other’s weaknesses.

  12. WIN/WIN: We live in a very symbiotic world, so help find solutions that will appease everyone. Remember that success spreads even indirectly. So when someone else succeeds, we all succeed.

  13. RELAX: Being productive all of time is impossible. Being productive most of the time is very exhausting, so relax and reduce daily stress. We all physical and mental needs that are essential for peak performance. Read this article for ideas on reducing stress.

Ireally do not expect anyone to follow all thirteen of these suggestions, but just adding a few of these tips will increase anyone’s effectiveness and productivity. And once these tips become habits, building productivity momentum will become second nature. Good luck!
by Phil B.

{source, bitches}

and here's another
Get your productivity game up....

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shia LeBeouf, a DIU?

Is this story....true???????????

'Indiana Jones' star injured, arrested for DUI

LOS ANGELES, Sun Jul 27, 04:25 PM

In this May 18, 2008 file photo, actor Shia LaBeouf arrives for the premiere of the film 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' during the 61st International film festival in Cannes, southern France. Officers in Los Angeles say LaBeouf has been arrested for drunk driving following a car accident in Hollywood early Sunday July 27, 2008. (AP Photo/Evan Agostini, File)

"Indiana Jones" star Shia LaBeouf was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving Sunday after an early morning car crash in which he was injured, police said.

LaBeouf was the driver of a pickup truck that was involved in a 3 a.m. collision in Hollywood, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Sgt. Scott Wolf said.

"It was immediately apparent to officers responding on the scene that LaBeouf was intoxicated and he was subsequently placed under arrest," Wolf said.

LaBeouf was being treated at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for injuries to his head, left hand and knee, Wolf said. A female passenger in LaBeouf's truck and the driver of the other vehicle were not seriously injured.

LaBeouf, 22, was booked for a misdemeanor DUI and released, Wolf said.

Wolf did not know the identities of LeBeouf's passenger or the other driver.

LaBeouf tried to make a left turn when the vehicles collided and LaBeouf's pickup rolled over, Wolf said. The cause of the crash remained under investigation, and Wolf did not have additional details.

LaBeouf has been working as an actor for 10 years. He starred on the Disney Channel series "Even Stevens," starred in last year's "Transformers," and this year appears opposite Harrison Ford in "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull."

LaBeouf has had previous brushes with the law, but each was relatively harmless — to the point that they reinforced his image as a Hollywood good-guy with an edge.

In November, he was charged with misdemeanor criminal trespassing after a drunken tirade in a Chicago Walgreens.

He later told David Letterman on the "Late Show": "Drinking and driving is one thing, but drinking and shopping ... it's just as bad."

Prosecutors dropped charges because Walgreens Co. and a security company indicated they didn't want to continue the case.

Two of LaBeouf's publicists did not immediately return calls seeking comment Sunday. Neither did two attorneys who have previously represented LaBeouf.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Danity Kane Gets Bad

Tonight on FNMTV, Danity Kane is premiering their video for their second single, "Bad Girl"
To hold you over until then, here's their performance in Georgia of "Bad Girl"

****EDIT: 7/26@ 2:00PM
Here's the video!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Empress of THE Ring?

Current thoughts on the brain have been about marriage...

So many who know me knew that I want to get married, now. It could've happened today and in most cases I would've been thrilled. It's not about the white dress, and an 8 story cake-the event is not that huge to me, _________ and I could elope if he wanted to. To me, its about the prospect of living and being settled. I'm not a cheerleader for instability and its something that freaks me out. Even if I've been in a solid relationship for 2 years I feel like nothing is set in stone until I'm married to a man. I could see myself already married, living comfortably with my husband. These have always been my thoughts, things I'm teased about all the time by girlfriends but lately I'm having a real change of pace.

I might actually, be getting cold feet...
After writing "Say My Name", The Significant and I got into a massive argument...One that makes me think, I'm not too sure if I'm ready to take the punches...and roll with them.
Looking at men as a WHOLE, not just The Significant, I'm...nervous...

I can't get a man who has a good job....
..or is set on fixing that job...
Or has finished college..... therefore, has no degree....
he usually doesn't have goals, or starts out PERFECT and AMBITIOUS and loses everything
they're usually hot...
I'm stickler about sex, but then again, who isn't?
I usually am a magnet for men who have deep, dark pasts that tell me NOTHING and I have to find out EVERY THING usually resulting in a crushing heartbreak.
I wind up with the boys who don't like advice...good advice and insist on going to their own destruction...

Maybe I'm realizing, I'm not ready to be hurt all the time.
Maybe, I love too much, and too hard and there isn't anyone around right now to appreciate that.
The conversation between The Significant and I showed a lot of...true colors. It evidently appears that we might truly be heading into a breakup, if not right the near future. It's evident that our feelings for each other are not mutual.

I'm broken down, and broken look forward to those posts to come...

And maybe the ring feels a little weird on that finger any way...


I'm absolutely in L.O.V.E.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

When I Grow Up, I wanna be FIERCE

When I grow up....
I want to dance like this...
When I grow up, week, I want to be able to dance like this...
This is my boy Tk's video, he's a choreographer and he's fierce, with a big-ass F. He made this dance to the latest PussyCat Dolls single, "When I Grow Up".

Enjoy, and hate on my friend, cause he's fierce like that...
That's him in the front, choreographer himself...

Say My Name

"Love is a battlefield"-Pat Benatar
"Say My Name"-Destiny's Child

I'm in a predicament. Not serious of sorts...

The Significant has been busy. Busy beyond words, and we've been seeing each other barely once a week, and any one who knows me knows I'm not "that" type of girlfriend. If you're going to be with ME, you're going to BE with me. Calling what you wish, but I didn't want a boyfriend so I could see you once a month, if that be the case you should be a "homie on the block".

In words more or less...I'm hurting. I know its been quite awhile where I've written about the actual New Jack and I guess in my head I've been trying to sort TOO many things out as once, as opposed to putting it DOWN in here.
I'm extremely happy with how things have been between The Significant and I but the time share is killing me.

He could bepeddling drugs.
Or an escapee from prison
Or sleeping with approximately 14 women
Or be a pedophile .
But no...

My relationship is crashing due to lack of time spent with one another based on...children. Now I'm pretty sure several readers could smack me in the jaw for saying that, and those from Brooklyn probably annoyed hit the "X" in the right-hand corner of their browser. "Goodbye Firefox tab!!" But, I'm sad.

Call it, keeping it real in '08.

My BFF, Linette and I have ALWAYS been about that, but more so in the year 2008 not necessarily due to bad circumstance but sheerly just the impatience of it all. I don't have TIME to beat around the bush, or make pretty stories up in 2008. I just feel this URGE to get to the point as SOON as remotely possible.
I.E.: "You played me, that was foul, and I'm fucking pissed-talk to you later" as opposed to "Come on know that was mad unnecessary, you really had to do it like that son?"
Likewise, on Sunday it was the same with The Significant-"I miss you. I never see you, and I'm sick it. You're busy ALL the time and I'm frustrated and I'm not asking you to drop the little kids but I'm frustrated. I'm seeing you once a week, IF that lucky and its taking its toll. I understand you're apologetic, when is this going to get RECTIFIED more importantly"

I try to block it out of my mind.......
I try to block out how much I miss him, how different the time share is making things between us. I try to block out how much I'm feeling the effects of the honeymoon stage being...well, o-v-e-r. And even though I'm not expecting a permanent Honeymoon, as I will explain in Empress of the Ring, does the change have to be so radical?

He feels guilty...He feels awful. I hear something, a true genuine apologetic behavior in him not revealed much in two years so I KNOW it when I hear it.
He wants to fix it....but things are, awkward...

How does one argue....about being shared with...babies, that aren't yours?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good Good

I'm LOVING this new Ashanti video, "Good Good"
Official New Jack stamp of approval!
(Things have been a little interesting in the work and The Significant department..updates soon)

Oh, and Lipstick Bitches is back-you love it.
Welcome back, BIATCH!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Health Color Chart

I read this on who derived this information from It's an awesome color chart breakdown of fruits and vegetables and their benefits.
Since I'm a "Life-Journalist", I figured keeping your heart ticking has loads to do with...well, your life...
Read on...

A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and grains can avert disease such as diabetes, strokes and obesity, new research shows.

The traditional Mediterranean diet provides substantial protection against Type 2 diabetes, according to a study published on British Medical Journal website.

The Mediterreanean diet is rich in olive oil, grains, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and fish, but low in meat, dairy products and alcohol. Current evidence suggests that such a diet has a protective role in cardiovascular disease, but little is known about its role on the risk of developing diabetes in healthy populations.

Such a diet could also be of particular interest to African Americans, who get diabetes twice as often as Whites and have trouble maintaining a healthy blood sugar level..

The Mediterranean diet study involved over 13 000 graduates from the University of Navarra in Spain with no history of diabetes, whose diet and lifestyle were tracked over a number of years. During the follow-up period (median 4.4 years) the researchers from the University of Navarra found that participants who stuck closely to the diet had a lower risk of diabetes.

A high adherence to the diet was associated with an 83 percent relative reduction in the risk of developing diabetes.

The major protective characteristics of the diet include a high intake of fibre and vegetable fat, a low intake of trans fatty acids, and a moderate intake of alcohol. In addition, a key element of the diet is the abundant use of virgin oil for cooking, frying, spreading on bread, and dressing salads.

But, fruites and vegetables overall have proven to have healing and disease fighting properties. And you can tell their disease-fighting qualitites by their color.

Yellows and Oranges: Fruits: oranges, grapefruit, peaches, cantaloupe, mangoes, pineapple. Veggies: squash, carrots and corn.
  • The Health Benefit: These fruits and veggies can help to boost your immune system and help to prevent eye disease. Incorporate them into your diet by tossing a few chunks of pineapple on some cottage cheese for a snack and try adding a side of corn to your dinner menu.

Reds : Fruits: watermelon, strawberries, raspberries, cherries. Veggies: tomatoes, radishes

  • The Health Benefit: These summertime favorites can help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, as well as improve blood flow to the heart. Try any of these summer fruits for an afternoon snack. For dinner, try spicing up your salad with a handful of radishes.

Whites: Fruits: pears, bananas. Veggies: mushrooms, cauliflower, onions, garlic

  • The Health Benefits: These fruits and veggies can actually lower LDL cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Slice up a banana and toss it into your morning cereal. For dinner, experiment with a stir-fry packed with mushrooms, onions and garlic.

Greens: Fruits: kiwi, honeydew. Veggies: spinach, broccoli, romaine lettuce, cabbage

  • The Health Benefit: Not only do green fruits and veggies help to protect bones, but they also look after your teeth and eyesight as well. Slice up a honeydew for an afternoon snack and remember to incorporate any of these veggies into your daily salad.

Blues and Purples: Fruits: blueberries, blackberries, purple grapes, plums. Veggies: eggplant

  • The Health Benefit: These tasty treats help to keep the memory sharp, while also reducing the risk of many types of cancer. Any of these fruits make a great snack, and eggplant can be incorporated into a number of delicious meals, including eggplant parmesan.

*crunch, crunch*

Young Love-Hudgens & Effron

Awww, young love sex...

From In Touch:

"They’ve been dating for more than a year, but Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens proved their romance is hotter than ever during an ultra-romantic vacation on the Caribbean islands of Turks and Caicos. The High School Musical sweethearts escaped to the island paradise on July 6, and stayed at the exclusive, secluded Amanyara Resort on Malcolm’s Road Beach, where villas go for up to $8,000 a night. “They looked like a happy young couple,” says a witness who saw the pair “laughing all the time” and frolicking on the hotel’s beach during their week-long stay. Although Zac, 20, and Vanessa, 19, went away together to be alone, they were friendly to the other tourists who recognized them, including a bunch of young HSM fans. “They were nice to all of the kids who approached them,” a fellow vacationer reveals. “They were a very gracious couple.” "

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bust It Baby of the Month-July 2008-Cubana Lust/Melyssa Ford

Taking a hard look at urban culture...
As much as I shouldn't be endorsing this, I might as well hop on the bandwagon.
"...wake up,it's the first of the month"-Bone Thugs n Harmony
With the exception of this post, I'll be posting every month on the first a Bust It Baby of the Month. This will be a fabulous video ho/vixen/web slore/fill in description here_______

The videos I will post on the "chosen one" will be explanation enough as to why she is that months spotlight.

This month I'm going to highlight a newbie: Cubana Lust and a veteran: Melyssa Ford. I did a post about Melyssa yesterday, so caught between the two the first ever Bust It Baby of the Month will be a tie of the two women.

Helloooooooo Cuba-34-29-47

Her site is still not yet running.....but stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

300-For Your Viewing Fright

I feel good...
This is my 300th post.
I know it might be a random number to celebrate, but just like the strength of the men of the film

I've come a long way.
I feel STRONG.
I have so many plans underway for The New Jack that it feels good to say I've made it to 300. To many, it might seem laughable, but I ensure you, my page views last month certainly were not.
So in New Jack celebration fashion, shouting out the hood-rats we all have come to love and fear here for your viewing fright, yet another, Bust It Baby:

***WARNING: Those unfamiliar with HOOD RAT behavior, please do not ingest food or beverages during this time. Thank you, Management.

If by any chance you missed the original Bust It Baby try outs, don't worry, The New Jack says you're in luck.

Missing Melyssa

My current workout inspiration along side Jesikah Maximus...
Anyone miss Melyssa Ford besides me?
Beach Shoot:

Calendar Shoot:

Bathing Suit on Couch Shoot:

Music Monday 6/30/08

Lloyd f/ Lil Wayne-Girls Around the World:

Nelly f/ Jermaine Dupri & Ciara-Steppin On My J's

TI-Here I Stand

Rihanna-Take a Bow from FNMTV

Day26-Are We in This together

PussyCat Dolls-When I Grow Up

Colby O’Donnis f/Akon-What You’ve Got

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