Thursday, May 1, 2008

Max This

I've truly, truly found it.
The most realistic in comparison to self.
Angel Lola Luv' s body doesn't come by without surgery.
But this....
Is possible...

I am currently at 34DD- ___-42.5
I just need that MIDDLE number..
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Jesikah Maximus

This hot tamale is real.......

I think thats what attracts me to her so much, you can easily find a REAL person who resembles this with dark hair in the BRONX.

Can you say the word, stacked?
The allure about the Mexican cutie pie is that she doesn't have a body that looks carved by the hand of God or a surgeon....
Angel Lola Luv, Buffie the Body, Deelishis amongst others have these frames that you just KNOW, there's either something in the water they're drinking and you're not or they've got great surgeons. There's no point in aspiring to have curves that would mimic theirs, for it is nearly impossible. Maximus, on the other hand, though the still very tiny waist, mimics the look of so many young Spanish girls in New York already that you feel....its real. The body isn't some plastic creation; it looks as if you can reach into the screen and touch it.

Take a breather...
I think I've provided enough cayenne pepper for the evening...

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