Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cash Flow

Here is today's Aries horoscope:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

You may be feeling less sure of yourself now as a dilemma pulls you in two different directions. On one hand, you know what you need and it's not very complicated at all. But reaching satisfaction is more complex than you wish, for there is a conflict between your goals and what others can offer you at this time. Today, your happiness might depend upon your willingness to temporarily accept a variation of your dream rather than what you actually desire.

I'm at a crossroads....if we can even call it as such.
Currently, I am serving as a temporary employee at not my first choice of places after graduating from college. I'm making money. I have a few friends, but I'm learning nothing. I am serving in the Product Development department as a Product Specialist handling hotel contracts for three regions. This has not in the least, anything to do with anything I've learned to do nor desire to learn for my objectives in life. I'm working...for a paycheck. I'm working solely to exist in this recession that the United States is currently in. I'm very grateful to HAVE a "job" point blank, and I've kept that as much the focus as I can.

There is a position open in Product...permanent. There is a position open in Marketing...permanent. Upon applying, I've already been told by HR that they'll more than likely take me for the Product position; the thing I loathe. Whereas, in marketing I'll actually be learning about something I remotely CARE about, and will be able to apply to my music career later on.
To apply for the marketing...that I might not get. To apply to Product, get it, and be RIDICULOUSLY miserable. Or to be once again, unemployed....That is the question.

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LBIC said...

I say apply for both, if you can. Or if you can't apply for Product and ask to be transfered to Marketing after you're hired.