Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nightmare on Def Jam

Creepy and Kooky, Kerli should definitely remind you of a bastard child missing from The Adams Family..
She is definitely a creepy crossbreeding of Kara Kent from Smallville (played by Laura Vandervoort) and Wednesday Adams, but her current single and video is on MTV making Avril definitely look like Barbie.

New Jack Math:



I envision this is what Avril Lavigne may have wanted to be but maybe wasn't entirely successful, especially after her marriage to Derek of Sum41, where all her fans have been protesting that "she's changed". Her single, "Walking On Air" has a "Nightmare Before Christmas" essence to it.


Check out her Myspace and decide if you like Wednesday Adams blonde or not...

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LBIC said...

Love it! Thanks for turning me on to her.