Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Talks About Love

Oh, the talks amongst co-workers...
My co-workers and I are a very chatty bunch, to say the least. We get doors slammed at us, "shush"es, and attitudes galore for being the crew thats trying to make the best out of a prison. I mean, job...
We got into conversation regarding the progress or lack thereof, of love.
Is there really a time frame that we can put on how quickly one must adapt in love? Would you stay with someone for 10 years, not married, but under the promise of love? How soon do you leave a person for not being on the correct "love track"? Aren't we all different, therefore moving at different paces?

There is so much it makes me think about. In the life of my own relationship, as well as the relationships of friends. There's been such an avid change in society. Every interaction with the next generation gets scarier and scarier to me as I more and more realize they're so apathetic. As are we. We care not about anything besides ourselves.

There was a point in time when if someone got pregnant for a man, he would immediately man-up and marry the woman and do what was necessary to provide for the woman and child on the way. BEGINNING with the marriage part and working his way down the line. Now, the latest D&G accessory to covet might as well be a "baby-mother". Tyra Banks said it herself, 76% of African-American women are "baby-mothers".
Let me repeat that horrifying statistic for you......I said 76%.

I refuse to be anyones "baby-mother", I want to be married, sooner more than later, and living with my husband...

And the end of it, you ponder whats brought up by my co-worker Valerie:
Maybe it is that OTHER women destroy most men. Men become less than quality because the less than quality (self-esteem issue having) women will tend to not demand WHAT THEY DESERVE. In doing so, the man is "broken badly". Similar to raising a new pet or child, when they are "broken bad" it will take EXTENSIVE trials to right that pet/child/other. In breaking a child badly at age 2, creating a terrorist after extensive trials you will be successful in bringing the child to proper behavior by age 7. Men, and animals work the same way. They must be trained in the beginning in order to develop good habits and if not, extensive work must be done for the correction. Once the man is "broken badly", by one woman he will move on to the next woman believing such is the way to continue.

So question, are men "making enough money for yourself....to be BY yourself"?

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CHIC NOIR said...

Honey I'm with you, I am not trying to be anybody's single mom. It's to much work, if I am good enough to knock up then I am good enough to marry.