Saturday, May 10, 2008

I Luv Your Girl

I totally, and completely co-sign this song...
The Dream has a habit of creating these utterly infectious tracks that drive you to insanity because they wont leave your brain, BUT as much as you might be annoyed cause you've heard his songs 463 times today..YOU KNOW deep down in a corner of your mind-you're dancing.
He's as round as a dumpling, but you LIKE his songs.
For any of the 5 people on the planet willing to admit they support him, here's some behind the scene footage:

For the rest of us, who secretly love his music and just want to get to the point of the video:
The Dream F/ Young Jeezy
"I Luv Your Girl"

Did I mention Young Jeezy is a beast?
Here's the unedited:

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