Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bust It Baby of the Month-July 2008-Cubana Lust/Melyssa Ford

Taking a hard look at urban culture...
As much as I shouldn't be endorsing this, I might as well hop on the bandwagon.
"...wake up,it's the first of the month"-Bone Thugs n Harmony
With the exception of this post, I'll be posting every month on the first a Bust It Baby of the Month. This will be a fabulous video ho/vixen/web slore/fill in description here_______

The videos I will post on the "chosen one" will be explanation enough as to why she is that months spotlight.

This month I'm going to highlight a newbie: Cubana Lust and a veteran: Melyssa Ford. I did a post about Melyssa yesterday, so caught between the two the first ever Bust It Baby of the Month will be a tie of the two women.

Helloooooooo Cuba-34-29-47

Her site is still not yet running.....but stay tuned!

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