Tuesday, March 4, 2008


After this past weekend (photos to come very soon), there's been an overload of epiphanies amongst myself and others. In some cases, there are no epiphanies at all and I've come to realize that can truly be the saddest point of ones life. For their life to pass them by and for them to ignore blatant warning signs, or signs in general and come to no REALIZATION.

A realization can save your life......

After a wild fight in the club on Friday night and a little motivational speaking from my father, Nikki has come to some true realizations. The best part is, though it might be difficult now, the point of an epiphany is to re-route ones thinking or actions upon said realization. These epiphanies in Nikki's life have made it so that she springs into TRUE action to work towards a major goal for 2008; which is to move alone from Connecticut to Long Island.

The Significant has had some realizations about school, money and his life in general and how his current values are not going to support a pathway to the future. The epiphany once again is springing someone into an action, after re-routing his thinking upon the realization.

I, myself have come to so realizations about the job market and though I've been consistently aware of how my current lack of income affects my life a slight opportunity has been re-presented to me and upon my epiphany I realize how much my life can spiral worse so if I don't take it. It's pleasing to know that so many people around me are having epiphanies and using them to their ADVANTAGE. That's the point, no? For sit on an avid realization and remain motionless is truly ludicrous. Despite these things, I still encounter those who haven't embarked on what to do with their epiphanies.

I have a stalker, in which after YEARS of blocks to our communication, people forwarding the word that I wish them to be out of my life etc. I am well aware that the epiphany has hit the stalker long ago that I do not wish for them to contact me. They are NOT apart of my life, and have not been for years and worse so, me knowing their true colors they do not stand a chance of being in my future. Despite this knowledge, the stalking continues. They ignore the bells and whistles, the road blocks of communication, the whole nine yards in order to continue communicating with me. I have come to the epiphany that they are stuck roughly 7 years into the past. They refuse to grow mentally and associate with those their age and develop. They refuse to leave those who have expressed their discontent alone. This all in my eyes stems from the mental poison one undergoes upon having the epiphany and REFUTING it.

Your mind begins to work BACKWARDS.

It takes you to time periods BEFORE you had this realization, in which the mentally afflicted becomes COMFORTABLE in a time period that is NOT the present and therefore halts in growth towards their future. {Clap it up for me, the music major who just presented all that hot theory.}
I once felt annoyance. I once felt anger. I was wallowed in pity for the stalker. Now I accept mental affliction and move forward, for most of the ill know not what they do. Most crazy people aren't aware of their actions, maybe cannot recall them either but worse so, see no error in whatever was done.

My friend, The Significant's cousin and Nikki's desired-Cameron also is having only half an epiphany. He knows in his heart of hearts that the pathway hes on is extremely dangerous and hes disintegrating relationships/friendships/family to dust around him yet in expectations that they will still be around later. The desire to "front" and put on a show, for those who know him closest is always on his top priority list and his selfishness is making him rotten to the core. In the events over this weekend, he is AWARE and an epiphany has been made (half so) that he has become this way. His solution has been to half ignore it and continue about his ways and half acknowledge it by saying he knows and he'll fix it later (i.e. by summertime).

Epiphanies are the remedies to lack of awareness.
Do not ignore them, and wallow in a poison expecting that somehow you will not fall ill.

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