Friday, March 14, 2008

Break The Ice

Ok, now that I just confessed that I'm nerd and homo and can officially be burned at the stake, I might as well post this:

Now, based on her looking like a roach ever since she met Federline, this song is HOT and the video is CUTE. It was a GENIUS idea to do an anime video when you know you are NOT in shape to be wearing certain outfits/dancing in videos and looking like a roach overall.

Cause this

wasn't a genius idea...
And her body still isn't what it was by the time of:
Gimme More

Piece of Me

Now, don't get it twisted, if I get knocked up I want to look like THAT after two babies. But the difference is, if I get knocked up, I'll be keeping more of my clothes on....
I think.........

1 comment:

Libradreamer925 said...

i would have came up with a better vid for piece of me. i swear i should find someone and just do their vids cause my ideas r fire...btw ur break the ice vid is gone...*tears*