Friday, March 7, 2008

Where Are You Going

Aries (March 21 - April 19):

You are journeying into the shadows as your imagination lures you into places you've never been. Now everything is about to change, although you may not experience the consequences of your actions until later in the month. Trust your emotions over your logic today and you can uncover your personal truth.

I still feel in a state of confusion.

I wonder how it seems those who have put in less work that I have, have embarked upon the fame I seek. I mean,

Pathetic on his MySpace page half nekkid
It's a shame what they do for fame and to be respected

Joe, you coulda got it if you never woulda stressed it
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There must be some evident truth to this. There are few that stress their fame in order to achieve it. Most of those types reside in Reality TV land: Asia Nitollano, Jaslene (ANTM Cycle 8). Even Tila Tequila said she wasn't expecting Myspace to catapult her into fame.
When Tila Nguyen first joined, she never dreamed it would make her an internet celebrity. Quoted as "I just kept adding friends,and just updating my page"
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I'm really at a loss and still point. I'm not sure if I should still be chasing the fame I seek, or just get myself the regular 9-5 and forget about dreams...There is so much moving around inside my brain.
Here's a conversation with Sickler:
New Jack (3:05:06 PM): idk Joshie.............i feel lost, i really do
New Jack (3:05:21 PM): like.....not having a job, being finished with school
New Jack (3:05:31 PM): you always know a 9-5 is never what i truly wanted at heart
New Jack (3:05:47 PM): and now, i wonder how i see people doing considerably LESS work than i have, striking gold
New Jack (3:05:58 PM): and I wonder if i should just..let it all go you know?
New Jack (3:06:06 PM): stop chasing it, get the 9-5
Sickler (3:06:13 PM): hmm
Sickler (3:06:24 PM): i see why your soul is hurting
Sickler (3:06:52 PM): the best people will tell you to never stop chasing it
Sickler (3:07:02 PM): because it will come
Sickler (3:07:11 PM): you just have to hold on
Sickler (3:07:39 PM): it is frustrating to see my peers who are not as smart or motivated as m
New Jack (3:07:43 PM): but i wonder if it seems, pointless?
Sickler (3:07:43 PM): already making it
New Jack (3:07:46 PM): YES
New Jack (3:07:49 PM): thats what im saying
New Jack (3:08:01 PM): and i dont know WHAT im doing wrong, or i cant find anything I havent DONE
New Jack (3:08:05 PM): in order to make it
New Jack (3:08:09 PM): and i see nothing
New Jack (3:08:15 PM): and its like........
New Jack (3:08:21 PM): do i even bother?
New Jack (3:08:31 PM): should i just chill like everyone else?
Sickler (3:08:55 PM): and u know they are having fun... doing their 9-5, partying on the weekends... no stress
New Jack (3:09:08 PM): AMEN
Sickler (3:09:10 PM): but is that all life is cracked up to be... just to be a cog in the machine
Sickler (3:09:18 PM): i think you should fight it
Sickler (3:10:22 PM): imagine if the greats had sat down and been like fuck it im just gonna answer phones
New Jack (3:10:27 PM): im not sure what else to do.....people are sitting around me achieving all I already wish to have
New Jack (3:10:43 PM): very, very true
New Jack (3:10:50 PM): but what if this is a matter of....destiny
New Jack (3:11:02 PM): what if im forcing something to occur that I'm not destined for

So at the end of the day....where are you going....

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