Monday, March 17, 2008

Lola Work

Angel Lola Luv has posted a new photo, I believe it might be in Vibe/Vixen magazine. I'm not sure whether to be nervous or not about a magazine like THAT promoting and celebrating those who fuck their ways onto the throne. Nonetheless, its a very classy version of her usual:

I do love it.
She's been putting in some work...

I want to do something similar. Well, I've always wanted to do a shoot with super huge headphones; old school headphones are very cute. I was contacted about doing another shoot but I need to get the weight under control first. I'm down 3 pounds (157.8 to 154.2), and I'm trying not to STRESS it. I would like to get to 142; what an interesting number pick huh? I've upped my water consumption which is something VERY hard for me. I am trying hard to lose as much weight as I can before my birthday party which is on 4/12. I have found the birthday dress, and I've shown it to some selective homies and hopefully I will acquire the funds for the dress. If you'd like to make a donation, hit that contact button at the top or leave a comment and I'll notify you how to send one in.
I think Tae-Bo is definitely the fastest way to do anything. I did Tae-Bo for 4 days a week, with a good diet and went from a size 14 to a 9. I just have to get up off my ass and do it. I've been getting headaches, horrible ones while working out these days which make me refrain from doing it. It's almost as if the blood rush is too much. I'm not sure how I'm going to get this done, but it needs to get done....

By the way...anyone remember this person?
Nik from ANTM cycle 5
Angel's..ahem, fake body..mainly waist line will remain the inspiration for the workouts.
That with those hot bodied bitches from the CW's Girlicious..
Starvation anyone?

(All Angel photos courtesy of her myspace)


Jax Poetic said...

i hate what she has....her and milani make my soul cry...and make me want to set my fridge on fire as i guzzle gallons of water

Libradreamer925 said...

im not a chic who is into the bootay but im sure if i was a dude i'd be all ova that