Sunday, March 30, 2008

Competition for Mama

Lil Mama, watch your ass kiddo....

These two (annoying) teenagers are both replications of one another, but have a disgustingly LARGE fan base and are about to rock Lil Mama's world. Both are slightly younger, funkier, Kanye/Pharrell on cocaine-esk versions of Lil Mama. They wear couture gowns and Ice Cream sneakers. Enough Said.

Teyana Taylor:
Represents Harlem, New York
Unattractive (opinion!)
Couture dresses and Ice Creams
Signed to Star Trak
Extremely Tiny in person (I met her working at Entertainment Weekly's Must list 2007 red carpet)

Tokyo Diva
Represents the Bronx, New York
Considerably better looking
Already has her own personal Dipset "Juice Krew"
Signed to LeftHook Ent.
Her song is the theme song for Oxygen! series show: The Bad Girls Club

Its funny how two kids OBVIOUSLY born in the '90's are attempting to combine 2008+1980.
In my book, neither student has passed.
Classed dismissed.


X said...

You shoulda added Kid Sister's ass to this list too, or is it just shorties from NY? I didn't even know that annoying intro song to Bad Girls Club was this chick's. awwww.

New Jack said...

ooooo good point X...such a good point. What makes me UBER sad about her is 1.she's pretty 2.shes an uber hoodrat for someone so good looking and 3.shes too FUCKING GROWN to be singing that bullshit..
Ugh, what is happening to NYC? First ATL's snap/crunk us with what? Harlem trash?

LBIC said...

Ugh, these chicks are so annoying. Then again, so is Lil Mama.

BFFnigga said...

i LOVE that song. and im ashamed. so fucking as far as teyana and tokyo beast, marijuana abuse is rampant in our youth. however i resepct teyanas gangster yall. she looks like shed kill a kid.

New Jack said...

BFF, did you OPENLY put on the internet that you are supporting Kid Sister????? ohhh im so disowning your hood ass...