Friday, March 7, 2008

Fire and Fox

I was snooping around the internet early morning, looking to tend to the blog as per usual and despite the numerous people I see copying every move I make I intend to be the bigger person and still help them on their quest to be, me.

I came across a SLEW of Mozilla Firefox add-ons that I wish I had in my life WAY earlier. Or at least from the time of origin of this blog: 10/2007. I added on 12 of them and I'm sure that a multitude of them will help me with the blog significantly. I mean, you ask people for help with SO many things and not many are willing. Or they repeatedly "forget" to help you out and its usually something that could take all of 10 minutes. I've asked for web developer/HTML/etc. help SO many times and its nice to say, "if you want something done, do it yourself" because I DID. With the exception of Pristina Christina who has at least RESPONDED to offering some quick help to a homegirl, all the shit seen on the blog as currently stands was done SOLELY by ME. That's why it irritates me when I see people just up and bite my shit like I didn't spend the last couple months teaching MYSELF all these tools, refreshing my mind on the LITTLE HTML I learned in Oneonta, etc.

I digress....

The original point before ranting was to list some of the add-ons:
PicLens: creates these HOT 3D images of what you're viewing

for people like me, who always have a computer EXPLODE on them and need to re-discover ALL their bookmarks. Not cool. Now every single bookmark you have can be synched and you can access them from ANY computer upon logging in.

I'm always having some crap happen, like a freeze and losing all 8 tabs I had open at the same time. Save the session baby and have the option to return to it later.

I shouldn't even be giving this out (lol). This shit allows you to actually VIEW the HTML of the actual site/webpage you're on. Its a wrap for me now!

Here are all the add-ons I downloaded:
  • Blogger Bar
  • ClipMarks
  • Create wapURL
  • Download Statusbar
  • Extended Copy Menu
  • Firebug
  • Foxmarks to Bookmark Synchronizer
  • ImageBot
  • PicLens
  • Save Session
  • ScribeFire
Toolbar Buttons

You can browse all add ons here.

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