Thursday, March 20, 2008

Vagina Ownership

Listen to me....
This man does own my vagina, he just doesn't know it yet...

After get an early morning rile up courtesy of Pristina Chrsitina, I had to post this that she had in her blog:
Can we just...analyze this?


30 Seconds is one of my top 5 favorite bands, might even be top 3, cause they line up with Taking Back Sunday in my heart..and hmmm some Spill Canvas, oohh how I love me some Spill Canvas. Not the new shit, you young kids are jumping on NOW, they've been underground for a minute and those songs were HOTTER. Now Spill Canvas is on MTV and niggas are FEENIN like they actually know about them.

Sorry, had to express that anger.

Anyhow, I been up on this Chapter 27 movie about the murder of John Lennon and word originally was that they weren't even going to RELEASE it in the U.S. Now if they do, I'll be one of the first feens there watching Jared and La Lohan, cause for those who don't know Lindsay will also be in the film..ugh, I'm excited.

Anyone seen Bobby?

1 comment:

X said...

Lolz, Dee you are the worst. Vaginal ownership is yours but I do understand...Leto's got those damn eyes.