Monday, October 13, 2008

Shaun Livingston Injury

So, The Significant and his cousins were discussing this injury when looking at this kid, Shaun Livingston meanwhile arguing over NBA LIVE 09 and NBA 2K9..
...I sat comfortably, eating Mcdonalds and decided to YouTube this accident since I had no idea WHO or WHAT we were dicussing..

Now, anyone who knows me knows I have a thing for watching injuries..{google: MTV Scarred}
Shaun Livingston, your injury definitely is injury of the month in my vote! Dislocation of the knee...
Next time, just go for the Jet Li split, sacrifice your nuts for a month or two and pull the groin muscle because THAT would have been much easier than what you did do as I saw trying to STOP the split hence the break..
Ladies and Gentlemen,

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