Sunday, October 5, 2008

Looking for Peace and Harmony

So, I did a 3-card tarot, on because my swagger is certainly being jacked by my job. The fact that I haven't fully accomplished my dreams as yet is sort of eating me alive. I'm at work and all I think of and daydream about is The New Jack..the possibilities, the currect hacking situation, me being in Manhattan writing for a living, where this could REALLY GO.
Then, I realize. I'm in Farmingdale, Long Island. Not writing for a living, with a peer a year older than me that is NOT my boss, acting all the more and more LIKE my boss. All in all this miserery, I'm desperately searching for peace and harmony..I know that writing in this thing is a major source of promoting that peace and harmony but in all the turmoil of my's as if I'm slowly losing it..
So here's all I did find:

Nine of Wands

in the "Self" Position

Main (positional) Meaning:

Exhaustion ruins the ability to make good judgments; find a caregiver or close friend who can assist you until you are refreshed.

The card in the Self position touches on an aspect of how you perceive yourself right now, including how at peace you are with and within yourself.
When the Nine of Wands is in this position, rest or postponement is imperative, although it may be difficult at this time to let down your guard. Often, when we think we are irreplaceable, we neglect to give ourselves time to rest and recuperate. It would be to your advantage to find a competent ally or caregiver who can fill in for you until you regain your energy. If such a person is not readily available, try to find that person inside yourself and let that part convince the rest to slow down and let go.

Try to remember that exhaustion stymies the ability to make good decisions anyway, giving negative forces an opportunity to gain an advantage. For the sake of yourself and the entire situation, take a break! Quiet the mind and breathe into the Now.

Three of Swords

in the "Challenges/ Opportunities" Position

Main (positional) Meaning:

Intervene in the face of hostility, summoning up the courage others may be lacking.
The card in the Challenges/Opportunities position reflects
how you can use creativity and skill to turn conflicts into harmonious understanding. With the Three of Swords in this position, your unique point of view can help lower the stakes in the current situation and possibly even create a dialogue to help move out of the tension. It takes a brave soul to remain optimistic in the face of the storm. You may be able to help salvage some harmony from a stressful situation.

Apparently you are the one available person who has the skill and ability to facilitate better communications. Don't hold yourself back simply because the situation is tense and frightening. Maybe there is something you can contribute that will smooth things out a bit.

Seven of Swords

in the Situation position

Get in touch with your inner strength. Rise to the occasion and lead the march to peace! If you cannot do that, at least support the person who comes foreword to make the effort.

The Situation position refers to the general set of influences that surround you and affect your personal experience of peace. We all have to deal with conflict and are affected by the process.

When the Seven of Swords is in this position, the situation demands a courageous person who can successfully transmit a positive and inspiring message. If you feel a sense of chaos and disorganization around you, then you may need to raise your inner awareness and give yourself a voice.

Why be silent when you have such a good understanding of it all and could get the job done yourself? If you do not step forward in the name of peace, then who will? A new infusion of courage and leadership is imperative. Without it, complete healing may not be possible, and the situation could linger on without resolution.

October 2008 forecast:

All or Nothing

A more intense approach to relationships can be expected this month as your planet Mars sextiles Pluto on October 2 and then plunges into Scorpio on October 4. It's time to cut the fat by eliminating activities that aren't fulfilling your needs. Halfway measures won't be enough, so dig in and decide where you're going to invest your energy and where you need to pull back. When you concentrate your forces on one task or with one person, you can reach levels of fulfillment you haven't previously known. If you lack direction, the Full Moon in Aries on October 14 will get your attention and open your eyes to where changes are necessary. Communicative Mercury turns direct in your Seventh House of Partnerships on October 15, which helps you discuss issues objectively with those close to you in addition to reaching out and making new connections.
Keep in Mind this Month:
An attitude of guarded optimism helps you sustain the necessary excitement to motivate yourself while working within the limitations of those around you.

I'm certainly working within limitations alright...

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