Thursday, October 9, 2008

Swagger Jacking IS a Crime

It's almost as if my job...has become Kryptonite.
Seriously, if I was Swaggerwoman, my job is certainly draining the life out of me. What they're doing to me is literally defined as "Swagger Jacking"

New Jack diction:
"Swagger Jacking" (swaag_err jack_ing; action-verb) 1. To participate in the act of theft of ones spirit 2. To strip one of their arrogant qualities rendering the party powerless 3. To remove the support system that makes an individual appear structured to society. {linked to: Swagger~syn. Kanye West, P. Diddy}

I've been feeling beyond powerless these last couple weeks, excessively getting worse as the time progresses. I've been reprimanded recently by my boss, better known as the Senior Marketing Manager, and though the reprimand wasn't painful, in the midsts of the job I'm doing itself that as cherries on the cake seriously added to my swag being jacked. Every day I'm there it points out more realization that I'm straying further and further from what I want and more so, need to be doing. if similar to Superman, Swaggerwoman would need the sun as an indefinite source of power. Every day I'm there, its like I'm purposely exposing myself in long doses to Kryptonite, so I'm seriously getting weaker and weaker
Let's sprinkle the current, with a severe bout of Hypoglycemia that is severely at this stage limiting my physical functions, already in a pot with Kryptonite one should ask, "are you COMPLETELY SUICIDAL?"

...Because I'm wondering if thats what the case might me...
You also can't forget that this site is being hacked for monetary value, and the swagger jacking truly began back in August when I was first hacked for roughly $80.
One can't know they're being weakened and destroyed by something and willing stay put by it. Last night, I was called by The Significant and his cousin, as well as my girlies and I was unconscious, dressed to party, in my bed. I can barely function past 9:45PM because I've stopped eating EARLIER in the afternoon leaving me sugarless by the time evening hours come. I'm HEAVILY upset that I missed out on all that last night, because being so exhausted from Hypoglycemia is literally stripping time away from me.

Now, per the instruction of "The Secret" one should not CHASE time, for if you begin the belief that you don't have ENOUGH time the universe will bring you circumstance where you will always be under the pressure of NOT having enough time. It's true....but it's also true that, I don't have enough time...worse so, I'm exposing myself to Kryptonite and have no clue where or what my "sun" could be to put my energy as well as swagger back. There comes a point that you feel rendered SO powerless you have to inquire, how or when exactly is this going to be set straight?

Any participants in swagger jacking can leave these actions solely for their worse enemies, its a crime not recommended for friendships experiencing minor turbulence.
Someone needs to send me a Lois, or get me to the sun, quickly...because its truly just getting worse daily...

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