Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 2010. Aries Horoscope-Revisions and Reflections

Recent big plans or major moves that happened without careful analysis may be due for revision this month. Far-seeing Jupiter backs out of impulsive Aries on September 9 and will revisit imaginative Pisces until January 22 next year. It's a time to review new concepts and see if the ideas are matched by feelings. The wisdom of Jupiter in Pisces is intuitive, spiritual and imaginative, which is best received with reflection.

On September 8, the New Moon in Virgo spawns a fresh 28-day lunar cycle that's excellent for increasing efficiency and developing useful skills. Cerebral Mercury, Virgo's ruling planet, provides a boost as it turns direct on September 12, ending its three-week retrograde period when information flowed less freely. Contacts and conversations put on hold may finally begin again.

Reassessing relationships and financial matters shows up when evaluative Venus enters scrutinizing Scorpio on September 9. It's tempting to be cynical about love then since the romantic bloom tends to fade in this emotionally intense and discerning sign. Still, this is an opportunity to peer below the tranquil surface of partnerships to gauge the return on investment we get for sharing bodies, hearts and bank accounts with others.

Passions grow and desires deepen when Mars also enters intense Scorpio on September 14. The action planet's return to its watery home sign encourages persistent efforts that are not easily dissuaded. This is excellent for pushing through obstacles, but encourages some folks to continue pursuing activities that have outlived their usefulness. Still, fresh visions and original concepts blossom with a brilliant conjunction of philosophical Jupiter and innovative Uranus on September 18. The Sun's opposition to this ingenious pair kicks the need for freedom and freshness into a higher gear.

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