Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Class. Intelligence. Adulthood

I've been seeing some tweets and facebook statuses that I have to politely admit are getting on my last nerve. I think it's just that they literally DON'T make sense.
If one is an adult, must we announce "On my grown shit! Ya'll catch up" or "Handling my business cause I'm GROWN son! Get your money up!!"?

Are these SENSIBLE announcements?

I think the severe LACK of adulthood that people are not realizing they ACTUALLY POSSESS in saying these phrases is what irks me. Immensely.

This is what I have to say about all these varied statuses:

Class. Intelligence. Adult behavior..these things don't need a mouthpiece..especially from you.
These behaviors speak for themselves. If you have class, it will show; if you're an adult don't announce you're on your grown and if you're intelligent your words will dazzle us.

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