Friday, August 28, 2009

FeFe Dobson Update: Jockin' My Fresh

Honey magazine interviewed FeFe Dobson and I just had to put my two cents in...

I was not an original fan of FeFe Dobson. I really, really wasn't. However, listening to her as of late, her style, her tattoos even...she was the originated, and duplicated by Rihanna. I have a huge soft spot in my heart for Rihanna, but lately these days I don't BELIEVE Rihanna.

Rihanna doesn't talk during interviews, she doesn't act like this rocker-chic diva that she poses to be. She was a super "dance hall queen" to quote FeFe, and now she's the total opposite. I'm one to say, absolutely not people most certainly can evolve and come in touch with a new side of themselves bringing forth a new style. I myself, feel that my style has evolved A LOT from what it used to be and now it's a lot different with hints of my past. However, FeFe IS the actual rocker-chic person. That is who she actually is.

Rihanna...doesn't even have an album out.

She's going to restaurants every 20 minutes in haute couture outfits to be stalked and photographed and as much as I LIVE & BREATHE to see her outfits cause I worship her style..that's all she style. In which, her and Ciara share the same stylist, is that really her style?

I feel like FeFe Dobson was always this way from jump, and the sad part is that when she debuted NO ONE I mean absolutely NO ONE was interested in hearing a Black girl do rock music. We were all bumping Britney, and Rihanna didn't even exist as dance hall queen at the time. When FeFe first came out on the scene I was in my senior year of high school and she's always been the same girl.
I live for Rihanna's style, but I don't believe her personality is what she tries to make it seem it is. You can't fake being a rocker. You either are, or you aren't.

Rihanna even has the SAME tattoos as me, she's really "jockin' her fresh". Rihanna is the haute couture version of FeFe Dobson, and unfortunately, FeFe has been swagger jacked by Rihanna in every way possible. From tattoos to Grammy awards and it's sad.
Read the Honey Magazine article here and decide for yourself...

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