Monday, August 3, 2009

New Jack Update: SFLN

Shoes From Last Night.

"Like TFLN, but shoes are way more important than texts"

I started a new blog over the course of this weekend. For a starting fact, I own a minimum of 70 pairs of shoes. I'm not sure where to put them anymore, and they're ALL over my room. The Significant complains incessantly of how he always has to walk and hop over them in my bedroom, inclusive of the millions of other things on the floor in my room. I've truly gotten bad. Now that I've been fired, and have...umm, more time on my hands, I'm actually going to do a wild mass cleanup in here....

The issue still remains that I don't know WHERE to put all the shoes. I actually have two closets, plus I've dedicated two sections of two different walls of just boxes and shoes in THOSE boxes stacked from floor to ceiling, then I have some strays in Ma Dukes' room and some strays in the living room which drives her nuts. Some kids get yelled at for washing dishes, I get yelled at to pick up my shoes.

As usual, I was parading around Manhattan, in..."celebration" of getting fired and a birthday. Any excuse to open a bottle of Patron is fine by me. I debuted a pair of cuties that are a staggering 5" tall, but oddly, oddly enough..really comfortable. It's so weird that it all struck me as a lightening bolt, but there is a real reason behind why I got fired..and it's not their reason why. Writing is truly what I'm supposed to be doing.

I'm very excited about SFLN; it's like having a second baby, not that babies were the new black to begin with. The New Jack will be 2 in October and now I have a new baby. But just as with all children, especially young ones in my time not working, I need to focus on caring for both. There's been plenty a time that things have been going on in life and I've neglected my first born. I don't want to make that mistake anymore. In my time not working, I want to work on both of these, attend the gym daily, cook for my family and try to find the job that I do want. It's lurking...and I needed to get fired essentially for it to come to me.

So while I'm waiting on that, I might as well talk about something I do like...


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