Friday, August 28, 2009

New Jack Update: So·cial·ite

  • Main Entry: so·cial·ite
  • Pronunciation: \ˈsō-shə-ˌlīt\
  • Function: noun
  • Date: 1928

: a socially prominent person

I think the definition is really what speaks for itself.

In coming to the turning point, I've truly had my mind racing about all the things that I want to do, and that not only want, but I'm TRYING to do. The sad part is, I never felt that I could label it specifically. I don't want to be confined. I obviously have my starter, and primary niche, which is this: writing. However, aside from writing, I've been getting my model game up hard. I've been offered a lot of paid gigs and I know exactly how as a model I see myself. I refuse to box myself in to just urban-video-vixen-like modeling and what I love, is that I've been getting offers outside of that niche. For example, Amber Rose is and did start as very much a video-vixen, but she is the ONLY, I repeat ONLY video vixen that is signed to Ford models.

...Sorry, Melyssa Ford and Buffie the Body.

And what I'm loving is that I've been hustling and I'm going to be on my Amber Rose game, because other people are not just boxing me in anymore.

Aside from my writing and model game, I always do an excellent job of party planning. I've been trying to work my way in to a couple party promotion gigs. That's something you truly have to work from the bottom up for so I've been trying to wedge my way in. That's coming along very slowly, but I'm confident that surely it will come along. Especially with my Bachelor's in Music Industry, I know what my peers like, musically, socially, and visually. I feel as if I have a true connection with how to put together a party. From a theme, to music, to lighting, to decorations, to liquor served, to gift bags, you name it. It's like, why not do what you're good at? This is something I KNOW I'm good at.

As much as I think babies are not the new black, I still want to take care of a couple. Oddly, with my age..they're starting to create a soft spot in me. I'm still not too ready for them and their opinions past the age of 1 1/2 years old but, I want to help. Awhile ago I was looking into a volunteer program that you make gift baskets for the birthdays of terminally ill children. I really wanted to participate in that, but they didn't select me as a volunteer. I'm not going to let that deter me though. I'm looking to volunteer with something similar as what I've described above, and aiding little girls with self-esteem issues. When the winter comes around, I want to go at least two Saturday's a month to aid The Significant with Harlem Little League.
I mean, The Significant dedicates such a huge portion of the year to Harlem Little League, he loves each and every single one of those children. He goes in the dead of winter, for their indoor practice clinic and he goes in the heat of summer for every game-Monday-Saturday. He doesn't question, he doesn't second guess, he makes his plans AROUND the children. Every time I go with him he inspires me so much, just the way he is with kids and his dedication to them. It's about time I did the same and take care of someone who might just need me.

In all of this, I've just tried repeatedly to find a title. A single title. When someone asks you, "What do you want to do with your life?" or "What do you want to be when you grow up?" And no one wants to hear the episode reel: party planner, life journalist, prominent blogger, model, fashion look-book director, so on & so on. People want things now, concise, to the point...

So why not call it what it is, a Socialite.

Of course, a couple of bottles in V.I.P. never hurt quote Jim Jones, "Champagne to us, is nothing but mouthwash".

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