Friday, April 8, 2011

Gratitude List 4/8/11

I'm going to back track seeing as I haven't written anymore lists since 4/3 so here goes:

For finally seeing "Eat, Pray, Love"-the movie definitely opened my eyes significantly
For having the guts to put my foot down about the scenario with the All-Star-we're still communicating, we're still very in love, but I need to get my OWN stuff together for me and I also want to date around a little bit to make sure of my likes and dislikes. I don't think he's fully ready for a girlfriend either and instead of forcing this to work and creating animosity-let's casually date one another and others and see how it goes. If we're supposed to be together the way we want to be, things WILL come together.
For having my boutique, Shoes From Last Night-I've neglected it thoroughly in the last couple weeks stressing myself over things that I've elaborated on the most recent posts but I need to stop running from the idea that this boutique may not become anything and be grateful that when I need something TO DO I have a boutique that I can work on.
For my Blackberry still working. I haven't had enough money and/or job to buy a new phone and this Blackberry is in pieces and its STILL holding on. I'm so grateful, for if it would stop working tomorrow, I would be phone-less. Period. I have no funds to pay my bills, let alone replace a cell phone.
For focusing on gluing on individual eyelashes as I've seen in the salon and sticking with doing it until I did my first full fringe that can last up to two weeks. The salon I go to in Lindenhurst charges $25-$35 for the pairing done-the lashes themselves cost $3.50 and the glue another $7. So for $10, I can do what they do for me, FOR MYSELF all the time. Whenever I want. There's a triumph in doing something FOR YOURSELF.
For being 20-some odd pages away from finishing "10 Stupid Things Women Do To Mess Up Their Lives" this book is SUCH an eye opener. I've seen so much of MY faults in this book and reasoning's behind them and I don't feel SORRY for myself. Instead, I've cried it all out and have been acknowledging my faults and where there is room for improvement and one step at a time I'm making more conscious decisions in my love life and as a woman on a whole. I'm taking pride in accomplishing things for myself and not having a relationship define my worth.
For the event, that selected my boutique to be a part of it on May 1st in Manhattan. If I really get everything together, this could be a real jump off point for my boutique.
For spending two days at the All-Star's house...just cuddling with a dog. I used to loathe dogs...and his dog is the smallest, fluffiest, sweetest thing...its almost like having a fluffy baby. After defining the terms with the All-Star, it was a little morose at first, lots of tears, but the way our relationship-friendship and love is, every thing is fine. The boundaries are in effect and nothing has deteriorated and when I did feel sad about it I was just grateful to have someone to cuddle with. That dog did the trick.
For the All-Star's kitchen, allowing me the space to cook two days this week. Even if it was only twice it was so nice to turn up the radio and just focus on making the meal itself and really get into it.

There we to work on

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