Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Jack Update: Feelin So Good

I don't want to diagnose something prematurely....

But this morning particularly, I feel really good. I feel so well rested. I did a half hour worth of stretches. I prayed. And now, I'm blogging. I do have to go to work, which this spot is always a damper but today...I'm focused on not letting it affect me. After thinking very, very hard this weekend and writing the Watchmen post, it's so obvious that I truly watch everything that's going on and don't pay attention to myself.

Yesterday, I drank my first "Emergen-C" in the multi-vitamin concoction with the flavor of cherry-pomegranate, which I should've known better about, and just felt amazing. Energized all day.
I stuck to eating proper and small meals all day, and found it that because I refused to be stressed, I didn't EAT nearly as much. I actually went to bed at a decent time last night, and I just feel good.

The Significant wildly accused me of trying to go after his friends....after being up until 2am crying about it the Sunday night, I spoke to HIS friends who did nothing but make me laugh about how ridiculous the insinuation was for 2 whole hours. It's sad when people realize that they're in the wrong, but cannot handle it so they feel the incessant need to re-direct blame or attention onto another subject that is not their own faults. I'm praying for him, because I feel so bad for him that there is a serious delusion rooted in pathetic behavior. I'm going to start praying for a lot of people, and I'm going to start praying for myself again. There's so much I'd like to do and like to have, and I think it's possible if I start devoting myself again.

...Being caught in that "Watchmen" trap it's so easy I realize to lose sight of absolutely everything....
But I'm focused on testing that trial..of "you cannot help others before you help yourself"
I'm going to pause the Watchmen activity and try focusing on feeling good on for size.


Joshen Reborn said...

Its refreshing to hear that you are feeling refreshed. I know that we dont know each other but your writing has created for me a person I feel is real and like all other great characters, my heart cheers when they are in an upswing.

Good show!

New Jack said...


Thank you :) it doesn't matter that we don't know each other personally, but you've read my work as I have yours and it's always encouraging and positive to know that someone out there WANTS you to feel good :) simple comments as yours have encouraged me to keep writing knowing that someone wants to tune into the show ;)