Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Jack Update: Late Registration

I'm creeped out beyond words. My headache is equivalent with the idea that I have no idea what I could've done this morning to deserve someone maliciously attacking me with a brick while I was asleep.
Or at least, that's how it feels...

I had a dream that Kanye West was my professor. Now instinctively, some would quote him and say, "I'd be on time for that". In my dream however, I was late. Just like the track, "Late". Super late at that.

We were taking...a life exam.
We were set at SUNY Oneonta actually, in the classroom where Anthropology took place for me. The IRC building is what it's referred to as, and if I remember it exact, Lecture room 3.
A huge lecture hall.

It has to hold around 150 students at minimum. The hall is divided into three's: A column of about...50 chairs per column. However, the lecture hall in actuality is set up with MORE chairs towards the back of the room where the door of entrance and exit resides and shrinks down to less chairs towards the front, where the professor would stand and give the lecture-the view of a slice of pizza from the crust down to the point. In my dream though, for some reason it was inverted. I sat at the point which was the point of entrance and exit but my professor, Kanye was at the top-"the crust".

I was watching my dream on mute. Here begins the major problem. As I know NOT what Kanye is lecturing us on. Second problem, I'm late. Super late, for this exam. I didn't think that things were getting any worse, until apparently, a young white male next to me-resemblant of Jesse McCartney told me in a panic that we were taking a life exam. As I scan his desk with my eyes and the desks arond me, all I have is a book bag, a Jansport, navy blue as I did in middle school and it's empty. The people around me have huge desk calendars, photos, scizzors, pens, pencils, protractors, you name it. Someone passes down to me the examination booklet and its white blank. The cleanest paper I've ever seen in my life. I reach into the book bag and pull out a pencil. Poised to write, nothing hits the paper. I'm looking around me, and people are writing furiously. Snipping photos, angling protractors, flipping through the huge calendars marking off dates or referencing dates and writing them down. I'm looking onto the "Jesse McCarteny" character's exam book, being nosy, not certain where in the hell to begin writing. Just trying to start, to get an idea to jump off of and I don't have one. I sigh, exasperated and defeated after probably 15 minutes of waiting around, I get up.

The only one in the entire lecture hall to get up.
Kanye gets up.

Kanye begins screaming. He starts to throw his body in the same familiar ways he would when he's in the midsts of a deep song on stage. However, he's screaming something at me, and from the body and facial language I can tell it's in rage but the first problem STILL remains, my dream is on MUTE. I can't hear what he's yelling at me and I continue, head hung and defeated to walk upwards from the front of the room-"the point" up to the back of the room "the crust" in order to exit. The only thing I CAN hear, is my own sobbing upon my exit and from a totally different album of Late Registration, the song of "Say You Will" from 808's & Heartbreak.

I know this is some blazing red arrow falling out of the sky that's saying "YOUR LIFE IS NOT TOGETHER; WAKE UP; GET MOVING; FOCUS ON GOALS" but I need more explanation. More...something, that I can't quite put my finger on and say "I need ________". I'm almost waiting for someone to TELL what it is.

Anyone do dream translations?

Late - Kanye West

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