Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Jack Update: Deep Inside of You

I got into a very nice, and heartfelt deep conversation with my BFF, Linette this afternoon..something that spanned over 5 hours on the phone.

Thank you, Verizon to Verizon minutes...

I can't get heavy into the detail of everything we spoke of, just as it is too long, too draining and too much truth for those who actually read my blog to actually handle.

People need to realize that there is something deep inside of them. You either utilize it for good, or lose it to evil. There's been series of events that have taken place over the entire of Summer '09 that has enlightened the two of us to depth and in some cases lack there of, in plenty of people we know.

You don't realize the conflicts that exist between us all until you start to go in looking for what's deep inside of you. I've realized that some of the people I interact with, think they realize all that's deep inside of them...some of them have a lot more turmoil than they'd like to admit and deal with. Others have accepted the turmoil that exists within them, but have chosen to not advance forward and turn the blind eye to it.

Turmoil and conflict exist...it is indeed a necessary evil.

Belittlement, disrespect and insecurity however, are not.

Summer 2009 has been a true blessing. Without it, I wouldn't know where I stand or how to position the people in my life. I realize what's deep inside of them...but do they? The things they need to fix, the things they're talented at, things that need to be left alone as well as things that need improvement.

Do you realize what's actually deep inside of you?

Deep Inside Of You - Third Eye Blind

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