Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Jack Update: Identity Crisis

Mirror, Mirror on the wall..who's the fairest of them all?

It's fair enough to say, in just the quote alone that the Queen in Snow White was indeed under some belief that she wasn't as adequate as other females who lived in the land. That's the exact reason why she had to ask the mirror, DAILY, "who's the fairest of them all?". Her high level of insecurity about who she is, poised her to ask herself these questions.

The day that the Queen heard the mirror tell her that there IS someone that exists fairer than her, she had a meltdown.
She flipped shit, basically....

The idea that she wasn't the fairest one sent her into such a rampage that she needed to track down who Snow White was, and kill her so that she could return to the status of being the fairest of them all.

It's fair enough, that I'm seeing some surrounding members are undergoing an identity crisis that is now officially driving me "bats", to quote The Joker. It's funny, that again, my BFF, Linette and I were discussing this last night...and not to toot my own horn but some individuals are following my "path" to fame to a tee.

It's sad, cause I truly recognize it as an identity crisis...they can't be themselves, so they feel it necessary to be ME in every sense of the word. Every move I make, they mimic, every idea, every notion. I think that we've all been put on earth by God, the Lord our Creator with UNIQUE and INDIVIDUAL talents. Some of us, have talents that overlap or share some things, which of course makes us all relatable and able to have friendships, relationships, love, etc.
However, not ONE of us, has the exact same path to fame, road to glory, life pattern, disappointments, joys, etc. or else God wouldn't have MADE one of us if TWO of us were going to have the same EXACT path.

I know..EXACTLY..what my path is. Why is it that people would find it necessary to copy my path, EXACTLY as opposed to making their own path? Did I NOT just write a post like, 24 hours ago titled, Deep Inside of You about finding what lies inside of you? Utilize what you have. Don't try to make yourself into something you're not, out of something you don't possess ..and worse so, never did. I never, ever supported people being something they're not...especially after undergoing a friendship with a Spanish woman, who doesn't frequent our group anymore who I had to play New Jack 2.0 for.

You should want to be YOU ..all day, everyday... just because you're not ME, doesn't make YOU any LESS glamorous, smart, funny, pretty or cool.

All it does, is make you, less whole.
So please....
Stop trying to kill my path to the Prince as I am Snow White...just be the Queen and drop the identity crisis..

After all I mean aside from the insecurities...there was nothing wrong with the Queen to begin with..

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