Friday, May 14, 2010


I'm in love.

No questions asked, I'm in love.

And the difference here is that, this time's realistic.

He's in love with me too.

The same exact feelings of an honest honest, that sometimes it scares me.
And sometimes, it scares him too.

Something so real and raw, that I truly cannot put it on paper, or on a computer screen...the only two people who can see it is him and I.
And when I'm with him, the world shuts down.

It's something pure...and beautiful..that there's no need for words a lot of the time.

It's in the eyes.
It's in his kisses to my forehead.
It's in the silence.
It's in the noise of our conversation.
It's in hand holds, lip-locks, pushes and hugs.

It's in the air of lost words I'm trying to grab at to explain to you the beauty of what I feel for him and what he feels for me.
But that's just it, it's lost words. There are no words for what we have. I just wish everyone could see it and at the same time, I'm glad that no one can...because it's just ours.

It belongs to him. It belongs to me and with no outside interference, it's sacred.
"And if you ask me..I'm ready"