Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Discipline Principle

Ok, in this all around detox I've been doing: mentally, physically and spiritually I'm going to start to ease my way into the physical portion. Talking to the All-Star and my friend Tristan, it's become more than apparent that I lack discipline. Like, severely lack discipline. So, what happens is that I cannot stay with a structure or be consistent about anything because I refuse to be disciplined about anything.
But I'm presenting myself with the ultimatum of "go hard, or stay fat".

Which is in part an explanation as I loathe authority and hierarchy structures. I've done not too well in strict corporate structures we'll say, especially if you read this blog during early 2009, that's evident.

I had a really good conversation with the All-Star in the car with him on his way to work, where we discussed our similarities but he vividly pointed out that there is a severe overuse of the term "can't" in my vocabulary. I was explaining to him that I've always been that superstar academic student where there's theory on what people can and can't do based on statistics and probabilities. It's interesting that he was always the exact opposite, and he's done everything in his life going completely against probability and theory so therefore in his mind there is truly nothing he cannot conquer. He feels this way especially if he watches someone do it a matter of one time. Me personally analyzing him, this comes from in part that he's been trained in martial arts since being a kid...I always wind up with a man that's some form of athlete and athletes practically have "discipline" as their middle names. Maybe it's my turn to do the same.

I used to do Tae-Bo twice a day in high school and early college...

I mean, men and women alike were obsessed with my body and that's when my body looked more like this:

My measurements at that time were about 38-26-40...
Between my hypothyroidism, lots of McDonalds and enough alcohol to satisfy all of Ireland my measurements now are exactly: 38.5-33-43

So I think most of us can do the math and say the majority of the weight gained has been in my waistline. Not cool....7 whole inches.
I'm a little bit anxious and nervous about this physical portion. I think I'm used to mental strife and pain, but physical pain is something I usually never have to endure..I have approximately 9 days before I begin making a successful real estate career for myself. June 1st will be my start date. Today, May 22nd, I'm going to begin a 7-day detox kit from GNC while cleaning up my bedroom with Tristan.
You can't get anything done in clutter....
So let's start by removing the clutter surrounding me and inside me at the same time.
2 birds, 1 detox.

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