Monday, June 23, 2008

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Need some self management?
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With my recent display of writings, suffering from my own time management maybe this will help you as much as it helped me:

"Two things more valuable than money in this day and age is Time and more Time. People are always complaining of not having enough time. being in a rush and so forth. Time is money, so what can you do to make your day most productive?

Start you day of right!

How do you start your day off? You do know that the beginning could be the end so start it off right. Ever had a bad morning and its followed its way through? Well that's what I mean. I normally start my day off with meditation lets keep it fresh, I don't sit with candles and incense burning chanting "hum rey yum" I don't have time for that I just take 5-10 minutes in silence just to be still and think, sometimes I think of tasks I wish to complete and then I take time to show gratitude. I actually find when I don't do this, the rest of the day I'm running around like an unorganised headless chicken. Most of us really underestimate the power of just sitting and being still for a while. Being still really helps to clear your thoughts......

So ....Book a date with yourself!

Regardless of the time of the day, have 10-20 minutes just to sit and think, if you want to jot down notes of things you have to do then do that. This will help you to focus, you will have time to concentrate and remember all tasks you wish to complete and ways in which to do so. Therefore in action you will be most productive, already having run through your tasks.

Everyone has a peek time within there day. You know a time where you find your self most active, most enthusiastic etc. Are you a morning person? An afternoon person? An evening person? Which ever you identify with, do your most important tasks within this period while you are switched on and ready to go. Doing them at your peek points and not your tedeious will make the most difficult tasks easier to bear.

Cancel Interruptions!

This especially applies to those that work at home, if you have been working all day (whether office or home) have a small gateway period where the phone is plugged out mobiles switched off do not check your email just chill. Break off for a moment and do you. Avoid prolonging this for too long (you don't want people to be worry about you lol.)

Most of all Have a Purpose for your day

Try to get something from each day. Make sure you do one great thing each day no matter how big or small just great.


Have fun with your day keep it funky. Be realistic stuff happens and the slightest thing can put a damper on your day but you are the only one in control of your emotions, so regardless of the exterior impacts or people around you make sure your smiling keep your spirits up and things will turn out fine. Things never seem so bad when your smiling and when your having fun the day goes quicker. Ask yourself do you see your glass half empty or Half full ;-)

See I started with asking what can you do to make your day most productive, but what you have to understand is in order to be most productive your personal self awareness and well-being has to be in check. So when asking about being most productive its really about self management rather than task management. As long as your head is clear, you will find most other things in life follow through.

I hope this helps. QueenB.D


Thanks, Doll

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