Monday, June 30, 2008

Return of the Mac

“The universe is a mirror of YOUR dominant thoughts. If your thoughts
contain noticing you don’t have something yet, you will continue to
attract NOT having it yet. You must believe you have it already.”-The Secret

I’ve been in a struggle within the recent past. It’s the reason why
this site began in the first place, but the point is, I’m back. I
guess I’m at a crossroads: angry because I’ve had no time nor
inspiration to write. Yet, I’m very grateful that there is actually
money in my pocket to catch up on…my life and I actually feel like,
I’m back. In the interim I’ve been listening to an audio book
given to me MONTHS ago, that I tossed aside figuring its some “Dr.
Phil” crap. It is, but this “Dr. Phil” crap is changing my crappy
life. The audio book is entitled “The Secret”, originally started as
a book and moved later on to DVD and audio book.
In every end of year horoscope for the year 2007, my 2008 predictions
matched amongst EVERY horoscope I’ve checked, and thus far have rang
and proven true. It’s only the ending of the 6 month mark of the year
2008. Every thing came together as this being my year. The year of
reconstruction, or better yet, restoration. Upon the beginning of 2008
The Significant and I have gone under massive restoration processes to
correct major damages that went underway in 2007. Currently, we’re
blissful. We communicate so much easier, and with the occasional
expected disagreement unlike 2007, these “disagreements” don’t
carry on for WEEKS at a time. I got a permanent job, and a car. A car
that I did crash on Saturday afternoon on the Southern State parkway,
but due to God’s graces no one was injured-including both vehicles. So
many people and things that stood as such firm obstacles, breaking me
down CONSTANTLY have been reduced to such fractions and I attribute this
all to, “The Secret”. I’m budgeting my time, finally.
I’m learning that, we’re all together but simultaneously all
separate. Just because other people are miserable, you don’t have to
be miserable with them. There is so much that we attract to ourselves,
and bring down upon ourselves without even realizing it. A lot of this
stems from us being so ungrateful for the things we DO have. I’m
noticing that many things in reference to my tarot have already come to pass or are in the pathway of coming to pass.

Knowing that I’ve rocked the boat with some of my readers, I want to
slowly but surely get back into the niche of who I am. I want to get
back into the niche of how I write. I’ve been taking everything as it
comes to me, not suppressing them as I did during 2007 resulting in
SEVERAL massive blow outs. For the first time, in over a year I feel
like I’m truly…back. I feel like the Mac has returned. Within the next
3 weeks I’m aiming to purchase real hosting, and in the event that I
get the help I seek, really step my game up.
“Be prepared for your luck.” I guess that’s how I feel right now.
Some have advised against it, giving me all sorts of negative reasons
like “your site isn’t that serious for you to be purchasing
hosting…” I’m preparing for my luck and what better way to do so
than to do the necessary background work that one day I might get
flooded with site views. I’ll be in Jamaica for two weeks come August,
and while laying on the sand I’ve already made plans for a writing
schedule since I’ll have two weeks to dedicate to my blogging. With
all the stress I endured over the last year, especially in the midsts of
graduating from college, I attracted the weight because I attracted the
sickness that caused the weight gain. As unhappy as I’ve been with the
weight gain, I’ve come to re-love my body as what its become and
because I appreciate it, I’m able to now work on it in a positive way.
No more crash dieting and I’ve been speed walking in the heat 3-5 days
a week.
The Secret is all about changing your life by the easiest way
possible: The Law of Attraction.

See the things that you want, as already yours. Know that they will
come to you, at need. Then, let them come. Don’t fret and worry about
them. Don’t think about your lack of them, think of them as yours; as
belonging to you; as already in your possession. –Robert Callier
By slowly learning about it, and practicing I’m bringing the things I
want in life to myself and taking responsibility for the bad things in
life that I’m attracting as well.
“Your current thoughts are creating your FUTURE life. What you think
about the most and focus on the most will BECOME your life.”-The

“It’s the Return of the Mac…you knew that I’d be back.” And
indeed, it finally feels like I am.

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