Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Jack Update: How I feel Sometimes

They say "A picture means a 1,000 words", and this picture is exactly that to me. Despite the fact that I am heterosexual, this picture was in regards to same-sex marriage in California and was taken this past Memorial Day weekend and my heart goes out to them. {Image: Getty}

I'm working hard or at least, dreaming and thinking hard about this blog because of all it stands for, for me personally. I think people derive entertainment from it, and in some instances it causes them to think a little deeper...but this whole thing started as a private-public journal. Though same-sex marriage rights are way harder to come by, I've been thinking a great deal lately of all the people I'm hearing about my own age being fired from their jobs for..well, their own human rights. Their right to expression. People update their feelings and doings on Twitter, their social drinking on Myspace and Facebook and use Blogger and WordPress as a sort of, open diary. Though my current place of employment is not and has not brought up anything in recent times to my blogging-because they have before, and I will not stop; it makes me wonder if this will in turn prevent me from getting another job.

As I look to move forward and progress with my life, by tailoring my employment more to the lines of what I think I'm suited to wear, I indeed wonder.

I feel like I'm constantly in battle, as if I'm constantly fighting for rights that I believed so easily to have....

Freedom of Expression

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