Thursday, April 10, 2008

Casely is Emotional

I am CO-SIGNING this track.
Official New Jack stamp of approval.
It's been in heavy rotation on the radio and I've been stalking the track down trying to find out who the HELL this is.
Name: Casely
Represents: Dirty South
Track in Question: Emotional
Claim to Fame: R&B young boy (i.e.: Chris Brown, J. Holiday, Ne-Yo)
Ideals: Thinks its okay to wear fitted caps along with suit jackets and Jordans.
Let The New Jack know whether you're just sick of the R&B overflow or are you feeling, emotional after all?

1 comment:

BFFnigglet said...

as much as i cant stand r&b in it's al-riiight, only because he can get itttt it's not bad